Kisiizi falls: Birding, Culture, Photography and Adventure

Kisiizi falls : When any girl got pregnant out of  marriage, she would be taken to these falls and released off the cliff. This is how the traditional Africa perceived and viewed these falls. This would stop any girls from the area from engaging in Premarital sex. Of course you would wonder where the men that impregnated these girls were. Today, the place is of significant beauty to the area because of the beauty that God bestowed to the place. It has a little bit of everything. because there is nature like water and trees, you will definitely find alot of wildlife here birds not missing. You will have chance to do a forest walk, you can picnic in this area, you can hike the falls. You have a wild range of activities you can do here not forgetting the story behind these falls. Its is always important that when you do something, there should be people that benefit from it. You will also feel prod going to an area and creating change. This area is in inhabited by the Bakiga one of the many tribes in Uganda. You have a change to visit the local community and support their efforts by buying some of the hand make products they have. You  have chance to visit the schools and hospitals and other facilities in the area depending on your interests. You can go gardening with the locals or harvest some of the food with them. This entire area will keep you on your feet and itching to snap away. From the beautiful falls, the bird life, the scenery and over loaded trucks. The portraits of people in the area is another gold mine – remember to ask for their permission before taking pictures of them.

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