Kitagata Hot Springs

Kitagata Hot Springs; the hot spring with magical healing water as it is believed, is found in western part of Uganda in a place called Kitagata after Ishaka town. The hot spring occurs as a result of volcanicity; water is heated in the earth’s bowels and comes out from the earth’s crust to form the hot spring.

The hot springs at Sempaya

There is a lot of greenery to see including impressive hills and valleys on your way to the hot springs.

Upon getting there, one wonders whether it’s some sort of market basing on the big crowd of people gathered at the site. You will find them, half naked, sitting on rocks and enjoying God’s natural gift. Hundreds of people flock this place on a daily basis!

Kitagata has two sections; one for use by women and children and the other specifically for men. One of the sections has water at boiling temperatures – hot enough to boil and egg or make porridge while the other has just warm water.

A lot has been said of the Kitagata Hot Springs but the common agreement is that it has the power to heal many ailments. The spring with healing powers is named after Mulago Hospital. This healing power however can be backed by science given the volcanic system that takes place around this area; below the surface in places of this nature, the heat originates from the rocks way beneath until it reaches the water above the ground to heat it and form hot springs.

It is possible therefore that the healing properties from the water could be from the mineral components found in the rocks, or the heat (for example working on swollen joints) or from the relaxation.

People visit the hot springs with different intentions but for many, it is to benefit from this healing power while for others, it is just to marvel at God’s natural works! Those in the neighbourhood and do not wish to bathe from there come to the site and fetch the water with in Jerrycans.

Kitagata Hot Springs have a lot of potential in terms of attracting tourists, as they have a strategic location for a Tour in Uganda.

Despite its immense potential and the large numbers that visit the place every day, there is no entry fees and it remains free and accessed by all. Attempts were made to introduce a charge but this was greatly protested by the locals arguing that you cannot put a charge to access “God’s free gift”.

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