Rwanda is widely known mostly for the magnificent mountain Gorillas and rightly so, because the country has excelled at marketing these gentle primates with overwhelming mass. It is of course an undisputed fact that visiting Rwanda for mountain Gorilla trekking is worth it and rewarding as everyone that has come up-close and personal with the Gorillas knows what a life changing moment that can be but, what next after the Gorillas?

Many a traveler, find it bothersome to come up with ideas of a holiday in Rwanda as there is insufficient information regarding other places of interest in Rwanda beyond the Gorillas but here is the good news; Lake Kivu in Gisenyi – Rwanda & Congo boarder town.

Just because Rwanda is a landlocked country, it does not mean you cannot enjoy a relaxing holiday – walk on sand and dip your feet in chilling blue waters! Lake Kivu offers a perfect spot to enjoy a tranquil tropical beach holiday with your friends or chill out on your own.

It is one of the Great Lakes rift valley lakes and from here, you can see the smoking Nyiragongo Volcano in the far North in Congo.  The lake is dotted with a few islands, some of which can easily be accessed by a boat cruise.

Make Lake Kivu your holiday destination after the Gorilla trek in Volcanoes national park or your base for Nyiragongo hiking in Congo.


The most accessible island is Napoleon Island and it is a favourite spot for bird lovers and you will find colonies of fruit bats that will catch your interest. You may as well opt to check out the Lake side restaurants and try some tasty fresh fish. Chill the evening away and watch the jolly fishermen ply the calm waters and cast their nets for a catch. You will be sure to enjoy the sunset and look on as the golden rays fade into darkness.

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