Lake Victoria : A lake fit for a queen, Lake Victoria is; the largest lake in Africa, following Lake Superior as being the second largest in the whole world. Lake Victoria, the African gem whose 400,000 years old is young according to geological terms, is famously known for being the source of the most talked-about river; the great Nile. Located in eastern central Africa, the heart of East Africa, found on the border of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. with about 130 feet depth on average with an area size of 92,240 square miles which is about 238,900 square kilometers, containing a basin of water, which is mostly as a result of rainwater and from local streams though it has dried three times in its whole life, the last drying being 17,300 years back and refilling after, the lake still shines and home to many. The great lake is a habitat to over 1000 islands; including the most known, Ssese islands; nurtured and found in the northwestern section of Lake Victoria, also tghe beautiful Buggala island with vast extraordinary local scenery and rich interesting culture. interestingly, Victoria’s island; Maboko, in Kenya, had a discovery of over 15 million years old fossils. When westward flowing rivers were dammed by an upthrown crustal block forming the immense water basin, though it’s sensitive to changes in weather and climate.

Lake Victoria
Ssesse Island

According to the natives, the great lake, Victoria was called ( Nnalubaale ) by Ugandans meaning the ( home of the gods) and referred to as Nam Lowe by the Kenyans, the body of endless water, and Nyanza by the Kinyarwanda before the visit of John Hanington Speke, on his expedition to find the source of the Nile, discovered the lake and named it after the reigning Queen Victoria by then, whose reign ended in 1901 but the  Lake choose to continue reigning as Victoria, its royal name.

 Did you know that it’s possible to watch the sunset over water without being on the coast? Well with Victoria, it’s a dream come true. Spiced with the glance of wildlife both fauna and flora. An amazing view of spectacular bird species. Something odd but amazing is when you take a glimpse on its water, you realize it’s black, this is due to the dark brown mud and silt just below the water which is blessed with more than 200 species of fish like catfish, tilapia, Nile perch, and many other aquatic species.

Also home to the hippopotamus, African clawless otter, cane rats, Marsh mongoose, Bohor reedbuck, crocodiles giving you a taste of what Victoria has with a lot more to give. With a variety of bird species to feast your eyes as you take a look at its burning sensation of beauty. With a collection of birds like the African Jacana, long-tailed cormorant, pink-backed pelican, African marsh harrier, shoebill stork, and many others at your disposal.  Well, Ngamba island gives you the real bird-watching atmosphere and it’s also a home for chimpanzees.

Lake Victoria
Chimpanzee Trekking

Birds can also be watched in other islands like Ssese,buvuma.

Lake Victoria offers you a lot of great adventures to take part in, it could be taking a boat ride within the lake, admiring its enchanting beauty, don’t worry because life jackets are provided for your safety. Or maybe sport fishing to catch a great catch which to you could be a privilege to a taste a meal you caught by yourself. It also has abundant reefs and archipelagos that are so attractive and amazing.

The lake is easily accessible throughout the year with the dry season being the best time for transversing and enjoying the whole thrilling adventure of visiting the great lake, Victoria.

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