Mabira forest alot of flora and Fauna coexisting together. It is one of the largest surviving tropical forest in Africa. It covers about 306 acres of land and was gazetted in 1932. There is alot of can do in the forest as just looking at it and hearing the sounds from it relaxes our soul.

What do you do when you find yourself placed in this vast green beauty? There is so much you will do because the activities and attractions are as infinite as the forest itself. The attractions are sights and sounds and the activities are both adrenaline rising as well as soul soothing.

There are about 218 species of butterflies and 97 species of months recorded here. You have a chance to see all that in this forest.

You can also hike through the forest and see the different species of trees that the locals usually collect for medicine and other purposes. There are over 312 tree species in this forest like  the Warbughia, Mililia Exclesa, Cordia Millenii and the Ugandanesis. These are a treasure for medical researchers because of the components contained in these age old trees such as the Ugandanesis which has medicinal properties known to cure almost 40 ailments!

There are several primates in this forest the most notable ones being the Mangabey monkeys. You can track them in this forest, There are lots of other monkeys that you will see on your trail.


When you talk birding in Uganda and you don’t mention this forest you are missing. This forest is home to about 315 bird species. You will have chance to see them on the well maintained trails of this forest.

You should not miss the zip lining at the Griffin falls Camp. It also enables you to see the forest from above. Just imagine seeing all this green below you.


Within this beautiful interior of Mabira is Griffin Falls Camp which is a 10 minute walk through the rain forest. It is spacious to allow you set camp, have a picnic and enjoy Uganda’s cultural music dance and drama after a day of activity in the rain forest.Do you want to go mountain biking but have no bike? The camp rents out mountain bikes for a thrilling biking through the forest and beyond.


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