Marsabit National Park is located in the Northern region of Kenya at Mount Marsabit where its name is known to have been derived from. This national park is situated in a distance of about 560 kilometers from Nairobi within Marsabit County in the former Eastern province and it is famously known as a bird sanctuary and for hosting a large population of Zebras. Marsabit national park was established as a national park in 1949 with a main purpose of protecting and conserving all the wildlife species in the country covering a total surface area of about 1,554 square kilometers and it consists of a forested mountain area, which rises. More so, this national park is a good destination for nature lovers to visit due to the fact that it lies within an oasis of a green desert region and it is surrounded with around three crater lakes which are seen as good spots where to see very many bird species and animals such as; tusked elephants and many others.

Tourist attractions in Marsabit National Park.

Marsabit National Park is also ranked to be a good destination in the country where to visit while on your adventurous Kenya safari because it has so many attractions that are always exciting to see and know more about them such as;

Crater lakes.

Touring around Marsabit National Park gives you chances to see the three beautiful crater lakes, which are also considered, as good natural habitats for a variety bird species. Therefore; they include; Bonole crater, which stands at an elevated area of about 845 meters above the sea level, lake paradise that is famously known to be one of the jewels found within the Northern Kenya and it, is a home to many elephants, Abdul, Ahmed among others.


Wildlife species found in Marsabit National park are considered to be one of the top features that attract a big population of tourists to visit the park and some of these animals include;  elephants, lesser/ greater kudu, lions, baboons, leopards,  kirk’s dik-dik, hyenas, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffes, peter’s gazelles. More so, there are primate species that also be spotted within the park such as; vervet monkeys, olive baboons and many others.


Marsabit National park is famously known to be a home to over 500 notable bird species that tourists more especially bird lovers can be able to see in the park such as; white-bellied turacos, sparrow weavers, yellow bellied storks, red-knocked coots, iblies, peregrine falcons, rupell’s griffon vulture, black kites, mountain buzzards, purple herons, African fish eagle, Emerald spotted wood dove, Hartaub’s turaco, Vulturine guineafowl and many others. More so, these bird species can normally be sighted best while at the cliff in the Northern edges of Lake Paradise.

Marsabit National Park
red-knocked coots

Lake Paradise.

Lake Paradise is found at the heart of the park along the slopes of Mount Marsabit in the Northern region of the country. In addition, to see this lake, tourists will take a drive of about 10 kilometers from Marsabit town and go through Ahmed gate to be able to reach the lake.  More so, this park is harbours around so many butterfly species however, it is noted that they normally decrease in number due to forest disturbance and fragmentation which usually takes place.

Activities done in Marsabit National park.

Exploring around Marsabit National park gives you great opportunities to engage in so many exciting activities where they learn and gain new experiences. And some of these things include; Mountain/rock climbing  which are usually carried out in stark massif of Ol Olokwe from the South of Marbit,  wildlife viewing which is always best done in the morning when animals seem more active as they move around the park while looking for food and in the afternoon when they spotted as they rest under the tree shades relaxing and hiding away from the sun, bird watching which are normally spotted along the way as tourists walk through the forested areas of the park and some of these birds include; Beard vulture, masked lark, little grebe and many others, guided nature walks where individuals are always accompanied with park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails and ensure their safety and many others.

Best time to visit Marsabit National park.

For tourists planning to visit Marsabit National park, it is always possible for them to visit at any time throughout the year however, it is noted that the dry season is considered the best time to go on a safari in this park and it is between months of June to October and from December to March.

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