Mistakes To Avoid on A Chimpanzee Trek in Uganda And Rwanda Safari : There are several mistakes done when on a safari, and in most cases one may end up having them done without awareness, having a chimpanzee trekking experience is one of the most undoubtedly safari activity to do in Uganda or Rwanda and most of the times there are some common mistakes carried out when on such vacations, therefore Achieve global safaris found it important to let one know about these common mistakes to avoid on a chimp trekking safari in Uganda and Rwanda.

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The preparation for a chimpanzee trekking safari is one of the most challenging things most especially to those who are doing it for the first time. Because right from the task of booking there are several mistakes that can be done hence making ones experience super terrible.

but in this article Uganda safaris brings to you some of the most common mistakes to avoid in this kind of task as you carry out quality time with your families and friends In Uganda and in Rwanda.

Common mistakes to avoid

Wrong choice of safari Company

The most common mistake done by visitors is the choice of safari company to use for this adventure and in most case it leads to fraud and furthermore not be able to get the kind of experience expected, therefore using a well-known safari company such as Achieve global safari will help you to void this mistake due to the fact that its listed and licensed to operate in Uganda safaris and Rwanda safaris.

The well experience consults will help you overcome this mistake that comes when planning any safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Not maintaining chimp trekking guidelines

The most endangered species are the gorillas and the chimpanzees this simply implies that these wildlife species are extremely protected and conserved.

There is a huge need to know the guidelines that govern the primate safari in Uganda or in Rwanda, just as it’s known that these primates share almost 98% of the human DNA and apart from that they as well reside in the natural environments and their control is process is quite hard.

Therefore the most important guideline is to stay far away from these primates most especially when sick to avoid getting them infected, social distance is as well recommended for at least seven meters away from them.

Mistakes To Avoid on A Chimpanzee Trek in Uganda And Rwanda Safari
Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale

There are several things to avoid when on the trek like Eating, smoking, shirting near the chimpanzee, and basically stay near the trekking group to avoid getting lost.

Not knowing the right travel season

Dry months are the peak travel months most especially when you are to have a chimpanzee trek in Uganda or Rwanda, but most travellers choose not to travel in the wet months.

And it is mostly advisable not to plan a chimpanzee trek in Uganda or in Rwanda in the rainy seasons due to the fact that the trekking trails turn out to be so muddy and this makes the experience be so hectic, and that’s why Uganda safaris says this mistake can be avoided by knowing the right time to travel and the seasons in the preferable destination.

Overestimating your fitness level

Diving into an activity that can break physically you due to overestimating your fitness level is a common mistake most visitors do.

Chimpanzee treks require moderate physical ability because it involves walking for untold hours tracking these endangered species.

Hours used in this experience are usually not told and this means that the tracking can take longer hours than expected, path to follow are never there hence walking into the woods is involved until the chimpanzee are tracked therefore your fitness level is so important, Mistakes To Avoid on A Chimpanzee Trek in Uganda And Rwanda Safari

Wrong choice of Primate Park

Achieve global safari has it that this is one of the most common mistake most travellers experience, and the wrong choice of the primate park can cause a bad venture on your chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

There are about four places in Uganda to carry out the chimpanzee trek from and one in Rwanda and Uganda safari tells one that they deserve to know the right destination for this experience and which is convenient for one’s budget.

One has to avoid the mistake of booking the chimpanzee trek in the park and expect to have a delightful chimpanzee experience, one can get trekking permit in advance in order to avoid the stress during the awaited date of the trek.

There can tend to be several mistakes that can mean to go wrong on a chimpanzee trek and once you get to grasp all these you will be in the position to avoid all these mistakes and have the most stunning experience of chimpanzee trekking in Uganda or Rwanda.

All this can be achieved by the more guidelines that will be given to you by the best Uganda safaris guides on your chimpanzee trek in either Uganda or in Rwanda

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