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Mombasa Town

Mombasa is a coastal city located on the East coast of Kenya along the Indian Ocean. Mombasa is the oldest and second-largest town after Nairobi the Capital of Kenya with approximately 1.5 million people. Mombasa is a regional cultural and economic hub with an extra-large port and international airport and most importantly it’s a tourism center, and it’s a home of the statehouse. Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya after Nairobi. It’s a historical trading center and has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location. 

This is one of the oldest towns in sub-Sahara Africa also called Swahili Coast and it is said to have been mentioned as a prosperous trading centre by the Arab geographer Al Idrisi posting it in his writing. Other cities include; Kilwa Kisiwani and Zanzibar. These are the main centres for trade between Africa and the Arab world with trade routes to as afar as India and China. At different points in history, it was ruled by the Portuguese, Arabs and British.

Mombasa is the main tourist destination in Kenya on the eastern coastline of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a popular destination for its beaches. Mombasa offers a diverse marine life, world class/High market hotels and friendly atmosphere. The town experiences tropical climate all year making it a great destination filled with activities of all ages. The rain seasons occur in the months between April – May and October – November and during the summer, the temperatures can rise above 32 degrees Celsius during the months of January to March, 4 degrees Celsius south of the Equator. Mombasa’s rich culture still exists i.e. historical sites like Fort Jesus and Old Town still show the history in Mombasa. 

After an exhausting Kenya Safari, spending time relaxing at any of the many beaches in Mombasa is the best way to end your trip in Kenya. This town has the best accommodations that give visitors a satisfaction of relaxation at the beaches. Beaches holidays in Mombasa offer dramas and spectacle nature of the Savannah with the brilliant blue water lapping against fine white soft sand giving visitors an invitation to stretch out and soak up on the sun. Mombasa beaches are lined with protective coral reefs creating ideal waters for swimming, sailing, water sports like diving and snorkelling. The tropical waters around Diani beach host the migrating whales and sharps which are the giants of the ocean. Visiting the whales and sharks on a Kenya tour is seasonal, visitors are recommended to visit between the months of October and April and get chances of seeing the fascinating water creatures in unspoilt environments. Mombasa beach holidays appeal to families, honeymooners and for romance. 


The beaches have various accommodations to suit all travellers. Some of the accommodations that offer a thrilling experience for Mombasa beach include; Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort, Serena Beach Resort, Milele Beach resort, Neptune Beach Resort, Sun Africa beach resort, Diani beach resort. Other hotels to pick out from include; Nyali Sun Africa Hotel, Bamburi beach hotel, Plaza beach resort, Kenya.

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