Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari : Uganda is one of the best countries that are blessed with variety of wildlife and this is probably because of the amazing wildlife that we experience which supports the survival of different wildlife. There are different national parks which are located in the different parts of the country and each of these national park is blessed with various wildlife therefore the choice is always yours depending on the time you have to travel around the country. You can visit national parks like the Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can go to Jinja and visit the source of the Nile, you can go to Ssese Islands which is located in the centre of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. This will be an incredible adventure as it will one of those really rare and a once in a lifetime experience.

While there is plenty to see, there are some that are so common that it is really rare to miss them while out in the jungles of Uganda. The list below includes animals from the commonest that a traveller can never miss seeing while here, Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari.

The African Elephants

This is one of the commonest animals in Uganda and you can find the savannah or the forest elephant in all wildlife national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Semliki, Kidepo valley except Lake Mburo Nation Park. You will meet them during your game drives in any of the mentioned national parks and you can except to find large herds of them grazing around the parks and on your lucky day, you can find huge herds crossing the road. Meeting these magnificent animals will be such an amazing experience.

Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari
Murchison Falls National Park Travel Guide

The large Hippopotamus

These animals can be seen win the shallows waters of the popular Kazinga channel which is a natural water body that connects Lake George and Edwards. There are plenty of them in Murchison falls, so many of them are seen in lake Mburo, along the shores of Lake Victoria and in so many place thus making them some of the animals that you can ever miss seeing while on Uganda safari. While they spend most of their time in water, they are also sometimes seen along the banks and shores of water bodies.

The common Vervet Monkey

Vervet monkeys are the commonest types of monkeys in Uganda and you will find plenty of them even in those small forests with very few primates. They are the among the primates you will get to meet while in the jungle for bird watching of primate watching. Vervet monkeys are even seen just along the roads, and less forested places, these monkeys are not afraid of coming as close to humans that they can also be seen in compounds. They are among the animals that might set your eyes on in the morning when you wake up.

 The Kobs are also in plenty

These are called the Uganda Kobs because they are a national symbol found on the Uganda coat of arms. The Uganda Kobs are the commonest types of antelopes found in almost all parks and in big number. They are can be seen running around in every everywhere of the park thus making them some of the commonest wildlife seen in Uganda, Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari

The Nile Crocodiles

These are large crocodiles with such powerful jaws are seen sunbathing along the shores of the lakes and rivers. In Queen Elizabeth, they are seen along the banks of the popular Kazinga channel relaxing, along the banks of the Victoria Nile in Murchison, on the shores of Lake Mburo, along the shores of lake in Semliki, everywhere along the shores of Lake Victoria like in Ngamba, Ssese Island, in Entebbe and in many other corners.  You will see many of them resting with their mouths slightly open so as to cool off especially during those really hot days.

Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari
The Nile Crocodiles

The African Buffalo

These huge animals are also in plenty in Uganda. There are among the animals that you can ever miss seeing while out in the parks for a game drive. They are seen in large herds and are usually seen very close to a water body although may also be seen away from the water. These animals are very common in Murchison, Lake Mburo and in many other parks. Since they are among the big fives, species and they are often seen large herds and they spend time in the mud to cold off the heat. They are not aggressive therefore you can always take as many pictures as you wish too.

The Fish Eagle

This country is blessed with plenty of bird species among which are the fish eagle. Fish eagles are very common in Queen Elizabeth, in Murchison and almost everywhere in this country thus making it the one of the commonest birds in Uganda. You will meet them along the banks of Kazinga channel, Lake Victoria, the Victoria Nile, among other places.

Most common animals to see on a Uganda Safari
The Fish Eagle

The Lions

The king of the jungle can be seen in Queen Elizabeth, in Murchison falls, in Kidepo mainly. In Queen Elizabeth are also the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park. The safari guides always know which routes to take and they can also call the park rangers to let them know the exact spot they may be on that day. You will find these trees up in the fig trees, mother lions are often seen with her cubs and they are seen either alone or in a group of 2-5 or a bit more members.

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