Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour : Uganda is a uniquely gifted nation with over 58 tribes that creates a fascinating cultural heritage. Their different cultural beliefs have however not stopped Ugandans from relating together in harmony. Every culture has its unique beliefs and behavior and a visit to some of these cultural groups in their locality will amaze you with their conduct. Most notable are the Baganda, Batwa, Bagisu, Karamajong, Batooro and the Banyankole among others. The different cultures are separated by different languages, dances and their general ways of life in their areas. We will share about a few of these cultures and still if you can book a cultural trip, you will be exposed to these cultures the more.

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Baganda cultural experience

Buganda occupies the central region of Uganda including the Capital Kampala. They speak mainly Luganda as their language and due to their dominance in the capital, most people that come too live in the central are found to speak the same language for easier communication. The Baganda have a king called the “Kabaka” who stays in a palace called “Lubiri” found in the heart of Kampala.

Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour  
Baganda Tribe

The Kabaka’s palace is one of the most intriguing places to visit being the home of the kingdom inheritance. the lubiri has a museum where the historical tributes are kept like the first car of their king. The Baganda dance is one thing you must never miss; they tie their waist with animal skin and mainly display their dancing skills by shaking their buttocks. There is more to learn about Baganda tribe like their greeting while knelt, which can only be expounded on a simple trip to their palace in Kampala, Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour  .

Batwa/Pygmies experience

The Batwa are originally forest people who occupied Bwindi Impenetrable forest before they were evacuated by the government to turn Bwindi into a national park and home for the endangered mountain Gorilla. The Batwa still occupy the neighboring villages of the park and are now copying with living like the normal people in the southwest of Uganda. A visit to these people will introduce you to their hunting skills, which they used many years ago to kill animals in the forest for food. The Batwa also used and are still using herbs to treat illnesses amongst themselves and this can also be explored by a visit to their shrines. The introduction of Batwa to the modern era like going to school has however got most of them elevate their standard of living but their cultural heritage still holds ground with most of them holding on to the original self. The Batwa cultural tour can be joined to your Gorilla tracking tour since they live just in the closet neighborhood to the park. Some of the Batwa will be your porters/guides during these trips.

Karamojong experience

The Karamojong people occupy the northeastern part of Uganda. They are a unique group of people that are pastoralists in nature very proud of their cattle. They took long to cope with the rest of the cultures in Uganda especially with the dressing. Most of them used to walk naked without any problem but have now changed with the changing times. They are mainly known to be cattle keepers feeding both on their milk and blood for survival. A visit to their land will give a chance to taste their raw milk mixed with blood from the cow. Their dancing and other ways of life like the hunting techniques are also what you must look out for in a visit to their area. The Karamojong occupy an area that also harbors Kidepo Valley National Park. Kidepo is home to unique wildlife like the Ostriches and Zebra, Elands, and the big cats like the Lions, Leopards and Cheetah. A trip to Kidepo national park will not only be a wildlife tour but also a great cultural excursion.

IK People experience

The Ik people are some of Uganda’s smallest clans living in the mountains of North East parts of Uganda. They are the immediate neighbors to the Karamajong people and are nomadic in nature believed to have originated from Ethiopia, settled in Kenya and later to Kidepo area in Uganda at Kenya’s border. The Ik people have a population of about 10,000 people living in small huts in high mountains. They live in rounded huts built next to each other to make a village. Parents do not live with kids that are above 3 to 4 years in the same house. They are sent away to go and live with their age mates to learn to take care of themselves. Most interesting is their stories of how marriage is done and dowry is paid in terms of beehives. These people live in high mountains and hikers would not only enjoy their culture but also the great eights of these high places where they live, Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour  .

Ankole Culture experience

Ankole is mainly in the western part of Uganda occupied by people known as Banyankole. The Banyankole speak “Runyankole” a language that joins them in heir different areas. They are typically cattle keepers with the long-horned cattle, which identifies their original identity. They depend on these cows for most of their living taking milk and other milk products for subsistence and commercial purposes. The long-horned cows are also used as bride price for the wives if a man wants to take a girl from any home. You will be able to see these cows as you drive to Lake Mburo Bwindi National Parks. Their traditional dance is also an impressive one as you watch the boys and girls move their neck to the great melody created by the singing and clapping and the traditional music instrument. A stop over at Igongo cultural center will give you, this whole feel of the Ankole culture including a museum to see some of their cultural memories.

Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour  
Ankole People

Ndere Cultural center experience

Right in the heart of Kampala city, a few minutes’ drive away is the hub of most of Uganda’s cultures. Ndere cultural center is located in Kisaasi in Kampala with special cultural groups that perform all cultural dances and music like no other place in Kampala. Their delicious meals and unmatched ambiance will make your evening as you dine on that dish of your choice and taking part in the different cultural dance, Most interesting cultural experience on a Uganda Safari tour  .

NB: The culture in Uganda range from the different regions of western, Eastern, Northern and Central parts of this landlocked Nation. Uganda’s cultures can not be exhausted in this write up but we can assure you that we will take you through the different areas depending on your schedule.

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