Mountain Karisimbi the Highest  of all the virungas

Mountain Karisimbi the Highest  of all the virungas : the Highest Of All The Virungas. Rwanda is referred to as the Land of a thousand Hills. Its also home to Mountain Karisimbi one of the 8 Virunga volcanoes. It is the highest among all of the 8 volcanoes that are shared between Rwanda Uganda and the DRC.

It stand at a height of 4507m above sea level making it the fifth tallest mountain In Africa. Hiking it is one of the hard challenges but yet rewarding with views of Uganda DRC  and Rwanda.

The Mountain gets it name from a Kinyarwanda word  “amasimbi” meaning “white shell” which is got from the snow on its top.

The Mountain is surrounded by other mountains like Mikeno, Bisoke, Nyiragongo which is an active volcano. It is home to some of the gorilla families in the Volcanoes national park of Rwanda.

The hike to the top of this mountain will take you two days  and accessing it you will need to hike a little of her sister mountains Like Bisoke.

mountain karisimbi the highest of all the virungas

Tourist on their hiking safari are rewarded big when they hike Mountain Karisimbi. The sights and views, the unique birds and the endless memories of their sound is overwhelming. You hav a change to come to contact with lots of Primates with the Virunga area and more so on Mountain Karisimbi.

This hike require the hikers to be mentally and physically fit because the trails used while hiking this mountain to the peak are very slippery and unfavorable for those that are unfit. You may be required to hire porters to help you with you luggage such that you are not too tired for your hike.

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