Musanze Caves: Silent, Peaceful and Serene

Musanze Caves: Silent, Peaceful and Serene: The Northern Province of Rwanda is where we find Musanze which is also the largest district in Rwanda and also the capital of Tourism in the country. This is also home to Volcanoes national park the only park where you can see the rare mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Due to the fertile volcanic soils, the vegetation in this area is so dense which is one of the reasons for  the existance of the mountain gorillas. It is also important to know that this is the most visited region in Rwanda.

The Caves in this area are a geological treat. They have a distance of about 2km and are covered with lush green grasses and this at some point make them look so scary but the green is supported by the fertile volcanic soils. The cave is mostly inhabited by bats.

This is one of the newest and most exciting thing on a Rwanda Safari. Its found in the Ruhengeri Region, In The Northern Province in Musanze District. It has been readied for visitors by installing walk ways, stairs and all the necessary safety measures.  Most of the caves in Rwanda are developed from Cenozoic volcanic rocks for instance Manjari and Nyiragihima in Ruhengeri. It is adventurous to enter into a cave and the 2km long

This cave is believed to have resulted from volcanic activity where the lava formed several layers dating about more than 65 million years ago. It has an entrance the size of a cathedral and has pieces of lava or volcanic rubble. There is a natural bridge which was formed by lava still from one of the surrounding virunga volcanoes.

There is a legend that says the cave was created by a local king and that h used to take refuge in it on several occassions. The cave was also a massacre site during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The locals here consider it a tomb. You definitely will need a local guide to lead you into the cave in case you have the courage to enter otherwise it’s not advisable to enter alone or even if you are a group without a local guide.

There is a ring on the surface that was left by the volcanic eruption on which flowers and other vegetation thrive creating a wave of darkness. This sight is so magical and beautiful to describe with just words. Make these caves a must visit on your next Rwanda Safari

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