Must See Places On A Kampala City Tour

Must See Places On A Kampala City Tour: Kampala being the capital of Uganda, there is alot going on and when you come on your safari, you ought to spare sometime and go through this magnificent city. It is on of the most lively cities in Africa.

Must See Places On A Kampala City Tour

Some of the sites you are to encounter on your city tour is the National Museum, the store to most of the country’s historic phenomena.

Uganda Museum
Uganda Museum

The Kasubi tombs is also unique for more so for a cultural safari. Every king Used to have his own burrial ground but this place has four kings buried here. Its definitely a must see.

Kasubi Tombs
The Kasubi Tombs

Beside the Kasubi tombs, there are the Walama tombs another burial place for one of Buganda’s kings Ssuna II

 The Wamala King`s Tombs Image Date: 2004 Photographer: Uganda Museums and Monuments staff Provenance: 2010 Watch Nomination Original: from Share File
The Wamala King`s Tombs

There is the Nagalabbi coronation site, where all the kings since the first King of Buganda have been coronated. Just imagine 43 kings having been to this place and you also have a chance to see it.

If you take time to visit the Ndere Centre in Ntinda, you will enjoy a cocktail of cultural performances that are presented to visitors. Keep in mind that Music, Dance, and Drama make up the largest portion of Uganda’s cultural treats.

There are lots of other places that you can visit. Kampala is hard to visit in just a day. Among other place you can include on your itinerary is Makerere University the oldest and biggest university in Uganda. There is Bahai Temple which is the only one in Africa. There is the Namugongo Martyrs shrine.

The picture of what  you expect on your Kampala city tour cannot be put in words but just come explore this great historic city.

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