Naggalabi Buddo: Buganda’s Coronation Site

Naggalabi Buddo: Buganda’s Coronation Site ,Its believed that Buganda kingdom begins from here and stretching to other parts and this gives more reason why this spot has been kept and maintained for a long time. Buganda begun here between the 14th and 15th century and all the kings from then on have been coronated here. At this coronation site you have chance to explore the most important aspects of the kingdom from the past to the present day kabakas.

Naggalabi is a place where all the Kabakas of Buganda Kingdom have been crowned for the past 800 years. History has it that the Buganda rituals held on the Buddo hill are vital since they emulate the first Kabaka who was crowned here. Kintu put his brother Bemba to death and declared himself the king Of Buganda in the 13th Century.


The current Kabaka, Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Kimera Mutebi II  was also crowned here in 1993. The Site is really an unbroken link between Buganda and its past and also somehow relates to the future. Even after all those years after Obote abolished Kingdoms, when Prince Mutebi then, came back he had to be crowned in the same place where his father was crowned.

Despite having much value to the Buganda Kingdom, this site is also vital to tourist in the kingom and also to anyone doing a buganda cultural trail or o a Uganda cultural Safaris. Nagalabi coronation site is situated at Nagalabi in Busiro County of Buganda right along the Kampala – Masaka highway.

The hill is also the location of several elementary, middle and high schools, including Kings College Budo, a prestigious mixed boarding high school, attended by Buganda’s Kings starting with Captain Sir Daudi Chwa II , the thirty-fourth (34th) Kabaka  of the  Kingdom of Buganda, who reigned between 1987 and 1939.

The drive is about 30mins from Kampala to Buddo.

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