Ndere Center: The Ultimate Cultural Experience

Ndere Center : Located in Kisaasi one of the Kampala suburbs, guests are fast and furiously treated to music, dance, drama and oral literature.

The gardens are well manicured with lots of trees teaming with birds, lizards, insects and monkeys.
“Vibrant,” “exhilarating” and “amazing” was the chorus I heard roll off the lips of an impressed audience as they showcased different cultural dance styles.

Practically the breath of the audience was taken away. While there, I had my pride in our culture restored by the director, Steven Rwangyenzi.

For those cultural tourists without the time or cash, here you get an eagle’s eye view of more than 60 different dress codes, a diversity of dance strokes, cuisines and languages.

Comical Rwangyenzi cracks the audience’s ribs with laughter when he recounts the difficulties brought to Africa by colonialism.

The audience is heard complaining about the Almighty toppling all the small gods that used to be in charge of romance, wealth, good luck, thunder, rain and fire.

For more than 25 years, Ndere has been the cultural ambassador of Uganda.

This oral literature punctuates vigorous dance strokes comprising Rarakaraka, Nankasa, Kadodi and Entole.
Most of the dances exhibit erotic movements around the waistline and in the face.

As the moon and the stars shine in the sky, guests dine and wine as if there is no tomorrow. The costumes are beautiful and colourful.

Every first Friday of the month, this is an ideal destination for a cultural night where you may stumble into Kabaka Mutebi, Rwakirabasaijja Oyo Nyimba, Rwot Onen Ocan or Otekat.

Entry fee is sh20,000. Dinner is also served at affordable rates.

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