Night Game viewing in the Uganda National Parks : Uganda is one of the upcoming top destinations in Africa that is blessed with a wide range of safari activities that give satisfaction to all travellers that consider it for a true African safari. Night game drive experience is one of those exception activities that offer travellers incredible memories about the pearl of Africa.

Uganda has about 10 recognized and protected national parks that are considered for a variety of safari adventure activities and among the 10 national parks, there are only 3 national parks where night game drive can be done. Such as Murchison fall national park which is the largest, queen Elizabeth national park the second largest and Lake Mburo national among the smallest in Uganda.

Night game drives in Murchison fall national park.

The park is famous for the might Murchison fall and it is divided into two sections, the northern and southern section which are dominated by the Savannah and the forest vegetation that harbours various wildlife features in the jungle. Wildlife animals expected to view on the game drive include the beautiful elephants, the lions, the African cape buffaloes, the Rothschild giraffes, impala antelopes, the zebras, Uganda Kobs, Oribis, bushbucks, waterbucks, chimpanzees, the olive baboons black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others. Game drive will as well expose travellers to different various bird species which also be seen on a nature walk adventure. Such as the black billed bustard, the shoebill stork, Abyssinian ground hornbill, open billed stork, papyrus gonolek marabou stork among others.

Night Game viewing in the Uganda National Parks
Night game drives in Murchison fall national park

Night game drive in Murchison fall national park is mostly done in the northern section of the park that is highly dominated by the open savannah grassland thus giving clear views of the nocturnal animals at night in the jungle. The night game drive is accompanied by the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) armed ranger guide with a spotlight torch using a UWA vehicle or any tour company safari vehicle. The night game drive will give travellers an insight to view the nocturnal wildlife cat animals that tend to hide during day time and hunt in the night such as the canning leopards, hyenas, lions, the civet, porcupines, hippos that tend to feed at night bush babies, genets, and the night jar as well as the incredible moonlight views in the Albertine Nile among night wonders that can be enjoyed on a night game drive.

Night game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park after Murchison fall national park and it one of the top destinations that are considered for the Uganda wildlife safaris beside Murchison fall national park, Mburo national park and Kidepo. Queen Elizabeth national park is rich in a wide range of unique wildlife animals as well as other wonders such as the Kazinga channel, the crater lakes, and tropical rain forest among others that are located in the different sections of the park. Some of the wildlife animals that are expected to be seen in park include the tree climbing lions, the huge herds of African buffaloes, massive populations of African elephants, huge populations of hippos, water-bucks, bushbucks, Oribis, the mongoose among others, Night Game viewing in the Uganda National Parks

Night game drive in queen is Elizabeth national park has been limited and it is only done in the great Mweya peninsula since the Kasenyi sector is high visited by a number of travellers. The night game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park will give you an opportunity to view the nocturnal wildlife in the park such as the leopards that do hunt at night, the civet genal, serval cat, the bush babies, and the banded mongoose among others.

Night game drives in Lake Mburo national park.

Lake mburo national park is located along a Masaka – Mbarara road and one of the smallest national park that is highly dominated by open savannah grassland and acacia woodland which makes the night game drive an incredible adventure in the park since it will give you clear views of the nocturnal animals that cannot been seen on a day game drive. Some of the nocturnal wildlife that can be seen on a game drive includes, white tailed mongoose, side-stripped jackal, bush pigs, porcupine, honey badger, the hare, Aardvark, bush pig, black Galago among others.

Night Game viewing in the Uganda National Parks
Night game drives in Lake Mburo national park.

How much is cost night games in Uganda.

The Uganda wildlife authority has come up with fixed prices of the night game drives in all the national parks where the activity is done. It charges 30 USD per person per night when using a private vehicle and 40 USD for travellers that are using the UWA vehicle for the night game drive, the price cost applies to both foreign non-residents as well as the foreign residents and east African residents pay 50,000 shillings for private vehicle and 40,000 shilling for the UWA vehicle, Night Game viewing in the Uganda National Parks.

For all bookings and inquiry regarding the night game drives in Uganda please contact adventure in the wild safaris for a perfect and incredible experience of your night game drive safari in jungle. Booking can be directly with the Uganda wildlife authority or you book through tour operator expert in organizing Uganda safaris. However, for the perfect experience we advise travellers to use a tour operator who will organize a whole package of the night game drive safari at an affordable cost.

What to carry on a night game drive in Uganda?

  • Travelers should avoid carrying bright coloured clothes to will destruct wildlife animals at night; we advise travellers to carry dull coloured clothing such as grey, army green which blend with the natural environment.
  • Travelers are advised to carry insect repellent protect the body skin from insects that tend to be active at night such as the mosquitoes.
  • Travelers should also carry warm strong clothing such as sweaters since it is always cold during night hours that will keep them warm during the night hours.
  • Travelers should as well carry their cameras and enough batteries so as they can take photos and videos of the nocturnal animals that feed at night and others have to first make a hunt such as the leopards and others cats.
  • Travelers are also advised to carry spotlight torches which assist to give clear views of the nocturnal wildlife ta night, although these are normally provided by at the Uganda wildlife authority.
  • In conclusion, night drives are one of the great adventure activities that is enjoyed by a number of travelers while on Uganda safari, and it will offer exception views of a wide range of nocturnal wildlife that cannot be seen during day time.
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