Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs

Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs: The Mother to Ssekabaka Ssuna known as Nakazzi Nganda, later named Kanyange( the bright one) by Ssuna himself because she always protected him from danger is buried in these tombs. They are just on the adjacent hill from the Wamala Tombs were the Son Ssekabaka Ssuna was buried. She was the most favoured woman in Ssuna’s Court.

When He became King, he built a palace for his mother opposite his own. People say  that by this he could never be parted with his mother, he could not just bear that. His Mother Kanyange was a very beautiful a and influencial lady in the royal court. She appointed a replacement for her in the royal circle before her death.

The tombs are a place for a lot of cultural rituals ans ceremonies and has a special sacred drum used for inviting Ssuna’s spirit. The walk from Wamala to the Kanyange tombs retraces the trail that Kanyange and Ssuna used to visit each other.

Kanyange’s parent was Sambwa Katende from Kyaggwe, Bukunja in Mukono. She was child number four of the seven; Kanyange was dragged to Ssekabaka Kamanya’s the Palace were she gave birth to Ssuna. Little is known about her and when she died; she was later on succeeded by Nnambogo Magdalene.

The current Nnamasole is Nankya Christine and was born in 1942. She left her marriage to assume the Duties of Nnamasole for this palace, and thus she remains unmarried as thats whats the positions requires.

Nankya pursued her studies at Aggrey Memorial School and Gayaza Junior School. At the time, she used to travel back and forth from the Kabaka’s palace in Lubiri where she was learning about royal etiquette.

The women at Kanyange are actively involved in making baskets, mats and paper which they sell to the tourists and other visitors to get some funds that help in the maintenance of the tombs. When all that is said, you know you’ve finished the tour of the tomb.

There was a lot of mother to son bond between Suuna and Kanyange. This is the link between a mother and the son forever.

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