Nyero Rock paintings

The Nyero rock paintings are found in the Eastern region of Uganda in Ngora district formerly under Kumi district in Teso sub-region. The Nyero rock paintings are some of the less visited attractions in Uganda yet very interesting to visit as it has a rich history hence one of Uganda’s best and oldest historical site with about 3 rock shelter panels painted on the granite outcrop of Moru Ikara. The figures on the rock shelters include; Zebra canoes, concentric circles, the people and animals.  Nyero rock paints are justified by its prehistoric value hence recognized by UNESCO as one of the best historical sites in Uganda given its 3 rock shelters with primitive paintings on their inner surfaces.

Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero rock paintings are categories into 3 rocks including Nyero 1, 2 and 3. Nyero 1, has fewer circles and it lies just below the main site. With Nyero 3, the paintings are quite unnoticed unless someone shows you the exact painting.  Nyero 2, is the main and biggest site which consists of a white wall covered in groups of red circles, boats, and people and animals forms and the paintings are very clear to view. The rock paintings are best viewed in the night. The rock paintings are surrounded with boulder peaks and cacti giving a wild experience for visitors.

The history of the Nyero rock paintings is yet to be clarified since 1250 AD when it was believed to be drawn. It’s at these rocks that the stone age era came about demonstrating the relationship between the current life and the life then of over 750 years ago that Art started money years ago and it still lives in us today thus Nyero rock paintings is a site worth visiting while on a Uganda Safari. Other rock sites include; Mukongoro located in Kumi, Dolwe island on Lake Victoria in Namaying district, Komuge in Bukedea district, Kapiri and Kakoro in Pallisa district.

The Nyero rock paintings are believed to have been painted by the earlier settlers in that area before settlement of the Itesot people we currently settled in the area. It’s believed that the Batwa people were the first settlers of the area and most likely the ones who drew on the rocks. However, irrespective of who drew the paintings, the Nyero rock painting are incredible attractions and very admirable. During your visit, you will be allocated a local guide who will guide you through the caves and explain to you the history of the paintings and the local attachment with the people. Climbing to the top of the shelter offers great views of area and chances of spotting birds and some reptiles. However, it is important to note that during rainy seasons, the rocks are quite slippery and visitors should be careful as they climb or even as they enter the caves.

nyero rock painting

The Nyero rock paintings are located in Ngora district from Kumi – Ngora road. It’s about 6-7 hours’ drive from Kampala the capital of Uganda, driving via Jinja-Iganga-Mbale and finally Kumi districts. The Nyero rock paintings are about 10 km west of Kumi town. Visitors interested in visiting the rock painting in the Eastern part of Uganda can combine the Safari with a Jinja tour, Sip falls visit and Elgon national park and then Kidepo national park trip. The Nyero rock paintings serve as an en-route stop for a Kidepo national park safari given its long distance drive journey of 12- 13 hours. Being a historical site, Nyero rock paintings needs support to it keep it afloat. The USA donated money to preserve the rock paintings since they are endangered of eroding and fading into the society. Make it a point to add the Nyero rock painting on your Uganda Safari and contact Achieve Global Safaris for a Uganda Safari.

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