Ostriches safari tours/ Uganda wildlife safaris; Ostriches in Uganda are only found or seen in untouched game park –Kidepo Valley national park which is located in North Eastern Uganda. Kidepo Valley national park is the only park in Uganda to find these rare birds named as Ostriches to other people call it ‘’Struthio Camelu’’. Visitors who have visited kidepo Valley National Park can testifies how they have enjoyed seeing these beautiful ostriches in the park with their dashed runs when threated.

Ostriches are one unique bird species on planet, so Uganda is a blessed destination to host such a beautiful bird which can be seen in Kidepo Valley National Park.

In general, Kidepo Valley National park renown as untouched wilderness located in far from north eastern Uganda in semi –desert in Karamoja region, approximately 11 hours’ drive from Kampala to main destination, but the best way to access the park is to use a domestic flight from Entebbe Airport   or Kajjansi Airstrip.

Ostriches Safari Tours
Ostriches Safari Tours

The park covers an area of about 1,442 square kilometers and it was established as a national park in 1958. More so the park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Kidepo Valley national park a home to over 86 animal’s species including lion, cheetah, leopard, wild dog, elephant, giraffes, zebras, bat eared foxes, Rothschild’s giraffes, spotted hyenas among others and it’s a paradise of birds with over 500 bird species.

However, ostriches are one of the rare birds in Uganda and it can only be seen in Kidepo Valley National Park. These are kind of species that cannot fly but move on land as fast as possible.

Facts about Ostriches /Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park

Ostriches are said to run as fast as 70 kilometers per hour in case they are being chased by enemy in one way or the other.

They are also characterized by long neck, small heads and huge long legs with 2 pointed figures.

In the world there are different species of ostriches but Africa has got only one species which are divided into two categories renown as the nominate and the mosaics.

The female and male ostriches have a height that raises 2.5 meters on average with male characterized by brown eyes, pink neck, white feathers on black body, white wings and legs, tail while the female ostrich has brown and pinkish legs, the young ostriches have got black heads, stripped buffs, necks and a chick is considered as an adult ostrich when it makes three to four years.

On an ostrich wings are important that helps them in direction change during running instead of flying like other birds.

More so, wings also are used in ostriches for mating, shading the young ostriches where they can go and spread up to two meters.

Ostriches Safari Tours
Ostriches Safari Tours

Taking a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park you will be able to learn about ostriches the way they refer to as omnivores thus feeding and surviving on plant and animal living.

Ostriches feed on seeds, locusts, flowers, fruit and pebbles among others.

They look to be like other animals, can defend themselves from   aby attack and safeguard themselves even against the toughest predators such as lions, human beings by kicking them and in extreme cases ostriches many more.

They usually lay in dry season and can lay about 15 eggs per months. The eggs of the ostriches are the biggest of all birds with an average diameter of 15 centimeters, weighing more than 28 normal eggs of other birds.

The males are the one responsible to dig a hole of about one meters wide and covers its body use sand to prepare the ground where the eggs are to be laid. The science proves out that sand maintain and also increase the warmth necessary for eggs in the same hole which are incubated by a male and female ostrich during day and night times respectively.

The incubation period can take in between 35 to 45 days and its upon incumbent the male ostrich to teach, on how to defend chicks during their process of growing.

Ostriches Safari Tours
Ostriches Safari Tours

Ostrich chicks starts feeding on sand after 6 days and before that it’s the York in their body that they defend on.

They turn mature at three to four years.

Ostriches can roar and the male ostrich can roar in same sound like of the lion.

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