Pian upe  wildlife reserve

Pian Upe wildlife reserve slots up among the most amazing wildlife reserves in Uganda also doubling as a habitat to different extinct species of wildlife which has made the reserve a major destination for tourists who wish to spend wildernesses encounters while on Uganda Safaris.

Touring Pian Upe means exploring the second widest protected area in Uganda after Murchison falls National Park. Situated in Karamoja region, Pian  wildlife reserve sits on approximately 2800 sq km making it one of the biggest wildlife reserves in the country. This wildlife reserve is not so far away from Kidepo Valley National Park and Mount Elgon National Park (The home of Sipi Falls) implicating choosing either parks as destination for your Uganda safari will definitely increase your chances of touring Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

Some of the wildlife in the reserve include: giraffes, lions, leopards, Zebras, buffaloes plus more wildlife. The reserve is also a good place for Uganda birding safaris considering the array of the amazing bird species that reside in the reserve. Some of the birds include: the Ostrich, the Jackson’s Hornbill, the white-headed buffalo-weaver plus more. These birds can best be viewed in a swamp called Loporokocho.

Leave along the amazing species of birds in the reserve, the game reserve also harbors various species of primate like the vervet monkey and the extinct olive baboons. The existence of these primates makes it possible to view different species of wildlife at the reserve. Pian Upe is also shelters several of the rock pythons and Savannah monitors (largest lizards).

pian upe national reserve

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