Places to visit in eastern Uganda : The Eastern part of Uganda is a region which is made up of a variety of captivating tourist sites that offer a unique blend of natural beauty, wildlife safaris,  cultural experiences, and adventure.

There are national parks, wildlife reserves, historical and cultural sites found around Eastern Uganda and some of the tourist sites include the following:

  1. Kidepo valley national park

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the national parks located in the northeastern part of Uganda. It is home to a variety of wildlife species and bird species.

The national park is also known for its remote nature and off the beaten path safari experiences. Kidepo valley national park is also made up of savannah plains, acacia woodlands, valleys such as Narus valley and Kidepo valley and the park is also made up of rock outcrops and also hills.

Tourists visiting Kidepo national park can also interact with the locals including the Ik tribe and also the Karamojong among other semi nomadic tribes found in the neighboring villages around Kaabong and Kotido.

Wildlife safaris are popular around Kidepo national park and they involve exploring the wilderness of the destination in search for wildlife species such as elephants, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, impalas, hyenas, warthogs, cheetahs, lions, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, hartebeests and many others as well as different bird species like ostriches.

Activities which can be done when visiting Kidepo national park include game drives, guided nature walks, bird watching, hiking and also community tours.

  1. Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls are another popular tourist site which can be visited in eastern Uganda and they consist of 3 stunning waterfalls located in the foothills of Mount Elgon.

The falls offer amazing views of the surrounding landscapes and hiking to see the Sipi falls involves passing through coffee plantations and villages. The type of coffee which is grown on Mount Elgon is Arabica coffee and tourists can visit these farms during their tours around Sipi.

Activities which tourists engage in during visits to the waterfalls include hiking with a local guide, abseiling, coffee tours, photography, community tours with the Bagisu people among others. There are also caves which can be visited around the Sipi falls area.

  1. Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park is located in eastern Uganda and it is found on the border of Uganda and Kenya.

Hiking is a major activity that tourists take part in when visiting Mount Elgon national park and these hikes take place on Mount Elgon which is at an altitude of 4321 meters. Other activities around the national park include wildlife viewing, bird watching, exploring caves and community tours.

The peak of Mount Elgon is the Wagagai peak and there are different routes used during hikes around Mount Elgon and they include the Sasa trail, Sipi falls trail, Piswa trail and the Suam trail.

  1. Source of the Nile

Another tourist site in the eastern part of Uganda is the Source of the Nile which is the point where the River Nile starts flowing and it is located in Jinja town.

The Source of the Nile in Uganda was discovered by John Speke and tourists visiting this site can engage in activities such as boat rides, visiting the Mahatma Gandhi monument.

Other activities are also done around the River Nile in Jinja and they include bungee jumping, tubing on the Nile, kayaking, horse riding, quad biking, cycling among other activities.

Places to visit in eastern Uganda
Source of the Nile
  1. Itanda falls

Itanda Falls are another tourist site located in eastern Uganda and they are found in Jinja. The falls are situated on the River Nile.

White water rafting is among the activities that tourists engage in around the Itanda falls. Another activity which is done at the destination is kayaking.

  1. Mabira forest

In the eastern part of Uganda, tourists can also visit the Mabira forest which is one of the tropical rainforests found in the country.

Mabira forest is located along the Kampala-Jinja highway and is home to a variety of bird species and primates can also be seen in the destination. Some of the activities carried out around the forest include guided forest walks, zip lining, bird watching, butterfly tours among others.

  1. Ssezibwa falls

The Ssezibwa falls are part of the hidden tourists sites to explore during tours around the eastern part of Uganda.

The falls are found in Mukono district and can be visited for guided nature walk experiences, hikes, bird watching tours. The locals such as the Baganda do many sacrifices around the Ssezibwa falls for good health, wealth, child bearing among other reasons.

  1. Soroti Rock

Soroti Rock is among the attractions found in Soroti town in the eastern part of Uganda and it is a granite rock formation that stands out from the flat plains in the area at about 90 meters.

The rock is also known as Moru Apesur and can be visited for hiking experiences around Soroti and tourists can also visit the site to enjoy the spectacular views at the top of the Soroti rock. Other activities which can be done around the Soroti rock area include cultural tours.

  1. Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is another tourist site located in eastern Uganda and is home to a diversity of wildlife species.

Some of the wildlife species which can be seen around the Pian Upe wildlife reserve include cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, and various antelope species. Activities which visitors can take part in around the reserve include game drives, nature walks and also bird watching.

  1. Nyero Rock Paintings

The Nyero Rock Paintings are another tourist site which can be visited during tours around eastern Uganda and they are located in Kumi district.

These rock paintings consist of collection of ancient rock art sites and prehistoric paintings on the walls of the rocks. The Nyero rock paintings are a cultural site and an archaeological site to visit during tours in eastern Uganda.

Activities done around the Nyero rock paintings include hiking, cave exploration, sightseeing, photography and also cultural tours.

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