Prices of Gorilla Trekking permits after March 31st 2021

Prices of Gorilla Trekking permits after March 31st 2021: Mountain gorilla trekking is one exciting activity, everyone should get to do once in their lifetime. This experience challenges your physical fitness, gives you an adrenaline rush and thrills you at the sight of the famous and endangered mountain gorillas. Out of 100 tourists who visit Uganda 80 tourists have come to the country to have a mountain gorilla trekking experience. 

Prices of Gorilla Trekking permits after March 31st 2021

Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is done at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park and the mountain gorilla trekking permits used to cost 600 USD in 2020. However since last year December 2020, the Uganda Wildlife Authority gave an offer of discounted mountain gorilla trekking permits to all mountain gorilla enthusiasts, lovers and tourists. The discounts were at 400 USD for Foreign trekkers’ non-residents and 300 USD Foreign trekkers residents. 

This was done in the faith of the festive season but also since we all know last year the whole world was in quarantine because of the COVID19 global pandemic, people’s finances were affected and thus, not everyone could afford the mountain gorilla trekking permits at the price it was before the COVID19 pandemic, though not having the money did not mean people didn’t want to see the famous endangered mountain gorillas. 

In fact people wanted to see the mountain gorillas more than ever, before they had spent so much time indoors during COVID19 lockdown period that any chance to go out was a thing they would kill for. so as the global lockdowns were lifted and the national parks opened it was only logically that people would seek an opportunity to visit the mountain gorilla parks in Uganda to catch a glance at the endangered mountain gorillas. 

The discounted offers from Uganda Wildlife Authority have been such a great thing for mountain gorilla trekkers; they have gotten to enjoy the wild, and the endangered apes at such an affordable price. 

Though the offers have been very good for the trekkers and the tour operators, March is here and at the end of March, on March 31st 2021, that will be the end of offer, the mountain gorilla trekking permits will then return to their normal price. Meaning mountain gorilla tourists, come 31st March 2021, they will no longer enjoy the discounted offer on the mountain gorillas trekking permits, they will thus be required to pay the usual amount of the mountain gorilla permits. 

The usual price of the mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda as of 2021 is now at 700 USD for all foreign trekkers; and this is how much a mountain gorilla trekking permit will cost after March  3st 2021.

The cost is slightly higher than the discounted offer but it’s still worth it, because you still get to see the mountain gorillas in their habitats, also the fees collected from the mountain gorilla trekking permits is used to continue the work related to the mountain gorilla conservation, pay the mountain gorilla rangers that keep track on the mountain gorillas, maintain a conducive habitat for the mountain gorillas and to support the local communities around the park that contribute to the mountain gorilla conservation works. 

That said therefore, the price of mountain gorilla trekking permits after 31st March will be  700 USD  for all foreign nationals residents and non-residents alike. As is the norm, mountain gorilla trekking is a very competitive activity so mountain gorilla trekking permits should be booked at least 3 months in Advice. 

The booking for a mountain gorilla trekking permit can either be done directly through the Uganda wildlife authority online portal or through a tour operator of your choice.

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