Queen Elizabeth National Park is Safe !

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Safe !: Safety is one of the major reasons and priority for Queen Elizabeth national park; it is a major aspect for the whole country Uganda at large. Queen Elizabeth national park is the best and most visited national park in Uganda with about 100 mammal species and 600 bird species, plus, the accommodation facilities are all you need for any Ugandan safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Safe

From the recent incident that has been making the major headlines in the international media of a kidnapped tourist in Queen Elizabeth national park together with his driver, created major scandal about the safety of Queen Elizabeth national park. The security systems of Uganda worked restless to rescue Ms. Kimberly sue Endicott together with his driver jean Paul mirenge remezo.

Allegedly, an American tourist by the name of Kimberly sue Endicott, and his driver who happened to be jean paul mirenge remenzo where kidnapped on 2nd April 11, 2019, where abducted by four armed men during their game drive in the southern part of queen Elizabeth; ishasha sector famous for the tree climbing lions. The abduction was done prevailed between 6 and 7pm east African time, when four armed men ambushed and pulled Endicott and mirenge out of the car on gun point, together with the other couple; that was described as elderly. However, the kidnappers picked out Ms. Endicott and the driver, Mr. mirenge. These two were taken by the kidnappers and they left the other tourist out of the vehicle without keys.

The couple of tourists that were left in ishasha contacted the camp where they had booked , and, soon the camp sent someone to take them to safety, healthy and fine physically, Perhaps they would have been attacked by one of the fierce lions in ishasha.  It is said, allegedly, that Ms. Kimberly sue Endicott was the main target for the kidnappers who, later used her phone to ask for ransom of half a million dollars as ransom for the release of Endicott.

It is said that Ms. Endicott is an American citizen from costa mesa California where she operates a small scale shop dealing in skin care. She was on a Ugandan safari planned by a tour operator who is now known to be world frontiers to Queen Elizabeth national park. On the other side, her driver, Mr. Mirenge is a Congolese national who also works for the same company; world frontiers safari company.

Immediately, the police department of Uganda heard of the incident from Queen Elizabeth national park, the park entry points and exit areas, together with the Congo border, where cut off by skilled park officials. The Uganda police deployed an elite group of skilled police officers, military personnel and other wildlife skilled officers to assist in the search for the kidnappers and kidnapped too. The Uganda police spokesperson, Ms. namaye polly called this a joint force team for the rescue mission of Endicott and mirenge. She also went ahead and ascertained that she strongly believed that the perpetrators and the victims of the abduction could still be found trapped within their search area and she continued that hopefully their efforts will lead to their successful recovery.

On the same issue, the secretary state minister of the United States of America, Mr. pompeo mike, where miss Endicott is citizen, said that the ransom was not worthy, but whenever a united states citizen is taken into captivity abroad, that they work tirelessly and in partnership with the local authorities to secure their release and get them home safely. Mike pompeo continued and explained that, despite the fact that anybody would do anything to get their loved ones back, ransom given to wrong people does not solve the problem but instead gives birth to more kidnapping in the country.

On Sunday, it was announced that Ms. Endicott and mirenge, the victims of the kidnapping, where found and rescued and where in good health and in the safe hands of police. It is said that the four armed men that lead the kidnapping, had taken their victims to Congo, perhaps, by the time the borders where sealed, these men had already drove through to Congo. Despite the success of the rescue, the kidnappers of Kimberly sue Endicott and jean Paul mirenge romezo, the kidnappers escaped but the operation still continues, said ofwono opondo.

The spokesman of the Uganda wildlife authority, the government body in charge of all protected areas in Uganda, emphasized the need for the tourist to always book the armed guard from the Uganda wild offices before embarking on their park activities like the game drives, for he would have prevented the incident from happening.

Queen Elizabeth now is safe and tours and safaris have not ceased, you can continue with your visiting plan to queen Elizabeth national park and enjoy the spectacular view of the park. Queen Elizabeth national park is unique in a way; it is so accessible with a fine road network. The proximity of Queen Elizabeth national park can allow you to visit other protected areas in western Uganda. From Queen Elizabeth national park you can easily visit semliki national park, rwenzori national park, tooro kingdom, bwindi impenetrable national park, mgahinga, and other interesting places with in the vicinity like tooro kingdom palace at kabarole, amabere caves among others.

The game drives through ishasha for tree climbing lions are safe, you can also do other activities like birding in kyambura gorge during chimpanzee trekking, nature walks in maramagambo forest, kazinga boat cruise, and community walks among others.

This is to bring back the hope to the tourists that queen Elizabeth is now even safer than before and they should proceed with their vacation plans to the park because, enforcements have been put in queen Elizabeth national park to prevent such incidents from happening  again. Bienvenue au park de nationale de queen Elizabeth.

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