1000 Reasons to Travel to Uganda for a Safari or Tour Holiday

1000 Reasons to Travel to Uganda for a Safari or Tour Holiday: Often time when you speak people even the native of Uganda and advise them to tour Uganda before any other destinations, one will ask you why Uganda? Today we explore some of the reasons why you should safari in Uganda.

Reasons to Travel to Uganda

Most importantly Uganda is home to half of the only remaining mountain gorillas. You can see them in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park.  Other than just having the biggest population of these endangered mammals, it’s in Uganda were you can see them cheaply and with chance of seeing other game that the forests have to offer. Most people say its more rewarding to track gorillas in Uganda than any other destination.

Uganda is home to 50% of Africa’s total bird population. Thinks of this for all the birders out there. Uganda boosts of about 1066 bird species of these we have the fox’s weaver which is endemic to Uganda, we have the shoebill which you have higher chances of seeing than any other place in Africa. We have about 21 Albertine rift endemics that you can best view from Semuliki National park.

Uganda is also home to Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake. Lake Victoria is also source to river Nile one of the longest rivers in the world. You have no other place to see this than in Uganda.

The Nile continues to form Murchison fall as it flows north. These are the most powerful falls in the world. Isn’t this reason enough for you to think coming to Uganda? Murchison falls National Park is full of other game you can see as you explore the bottom of the falls. You will be able to see hippos, buffaloes a lot of bird including the shoebill stork, and several antelopes.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is habitat to the famous tree climbing lions. It’s the biggest park in Uganda and therefore it’s hard to get crowded. Yes you may have chance to see the tree climbing lions elsewhere but it will not be that cheap and with chance to view them with less people if not alone.

The great people and culture is overwhelming. Uganda boosts of about 56 tribes. Think about 56 languages spoken in one place equivalent to the size of the state of Oregon. The hospitality of the people of Uganda is second to none. The country is peaceful with no major civil war reported in the last 15 years.

Uganda has 10 national parks and 7 game reserves. Each park boots of something special. Bwindi? Think gorillas, Mgahinga think golden monkeys, Mburo think Zebras, Queen Elizabeth think tree climbing lions, Kidepo think Cheetahs, Rwenzori think the snowcapped mountain. Elgon think the world’s largest caldera, Murchison Falls think the strongest falls in the world, Kibaale think Chimpanzees and Semuliki.

Yes you may have chance to see gorillas, chimpanzees, calderas, snowcapped mountains, tree climbing lions, cheetahs, shoebill, golden monkeys but one in one place like Uganda and that makes it the best place to visit.

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