Reasons why Mountain gorillas can never been seen in a Zoo : The Zoo is the place where you see the wild animals lively but locked in a cage in a different habitat far from their group and family. Every country in the world have some zoos or national parks where you go with your friends and families to show them the wildlife. You probably would have seen a tiger, lion, elephant, giraffe, chimpanzee, monkeys, just to mention a few however, have you noticed that you have never encountered a mountain gorilla in the zoo.

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There are some reasons that explain why mountain gorillas do not exist in Zoos. Visit Uganda and you will have a glimpse of these endangered primates of the earth as well as will learn a lot from them. These are some of the reasons that can explain why we cannot find mountain gorillas in Zoo:

Mountain Gorillas are available in less numbers

Mountain gorillas were registered as an endangered species with limited population in the whole world. When the earth was pollution-free the chances of viewing the wildlife were too high. However, with the increase of global warming different jungles, which were, home to the animals are getting an inadequate climate that’s making it impossible for the animals to survive in it, resulting in endangering their population. Mountain Gorillas are also one of the primates that are being affected by global warming and being endangered day by day. The Mountain Gorilla’s habitat is over the Mountain so if they will be kept in Zoo then they will not get their proper ecosystem and can lose a life, Reasons why Mountain gorillas can never been seen in a Zoo.

Live in dense environment

Mountain gorillas can only survive in the dense forests of East, Central and Western Africa. Mountain Gorillas are mostly found in the wider Virunga conservation region and Bwindi Impenetrable forest. In general, if you want to see the wild mountain gorillas, you have to visit Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Congo.

The Jungle is perfect to increase the mountain gorilla population

Reasons why Mountain gorillas can never been seen in a Zoo
Mountain gorilla

Uganda is the pearl of Africa with the natural ecosystem and you can find nearly all the medicinal and essential plants in its jungle. The mountains inside the jungles of Uganda provide sufficient food and a perfect ecosystem for the mountain gorillas to survive. Here you can encounter a large number of mountain gorillas during Uganda gorilla trekking. Mountain Gorillas breeds and lives in the Uganda jungle and it are a reasonable place to increase their population, Reasons why Mountain gorillas can never been seen in a Zoo

Dietary of Mountain Gorillas are so specific

The perfect dietary for gorillas consists of a large number of fruits and leaves that contain water and these plants can be found only in jungles. Every day a single gorilla needs nearly 18 Kg of food and consumes less water because those plants have water composition. But with the increase in the human population deforestation is increasing with the clearing of forests and this resulting in a decrease in the nutrition of gorillas so many of them can pass on which is in led decreasing their population.

Silverback gorillas in general eat mainly plants. This can consist of fruits, shoots and leaves. They also love termites, ants and certain insects. Mountain gorilla silverback diet is slightly different. It consists of mainly stems and leaves. They may also feed on fungi, flowers and bark. The season (rainy or dry) determines which kind of food is prevalent. In general mountain gorillas live a life of plenty because they are exposed to a greater variety of vegetation than the other gorilla sub-species. Isn’t odd that that such massive and strong creatures do not eat meat?

Best ways to track them

The best trick to track the mountain gorillas is at 5:00 AM dawn. This is the best time because during this moment the gorillas come out from the deeper jungle in seeking food. This creates a suitable situation in which you have a 100% chance to see gorilla or a group of these innocent primates. These are one of the rarest species of Gorillas and also called silverback so by learning the process of tracking them you can also get much knowledge about their lifestyle, Reasons why Mountain gorillas can never been seen in a Zoo

Mountain gorillas live in large families

Gorillas live in groups or families led by a Silverback. Silverback does not refer to a particular species of gorillas but a mature male gorilla. Silverback gorillas are distinguished by a grayish white hairline around the back and shoulders. A male gorilla that is too old to be a juvenile but too young to be a silverback is referred to as a blackbuck. A silverback is much larger than a female. Compared to a female, a silverback gorilla has a larger head, body and can weigh up to 270 kilograms. A male gorilla becomes an adult at about 8 years of age. This is the time most leave the group to leave alone or join other males. At this point, they are still referred to as Blackbacks. It is only when they become fully grown (at about 12 to 13 years of age) that they become silverbacks. This is also the time when the hair down their back and across the shoulders becomes whitish or greyish in color.

A mature and lone blackback or silverback will live close to a particular group and attempt to dethrone the dominant silverback as soon as he is strong enough. If he fails to dethrone a leader of a particular gorilla family, he will attempt to steal females from that group to form his own.

In conclusion, the above reasons and so much more reasons are provided as to why the Mountain gorillas do not exist in the Zoo.

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