Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists

Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists: After the re-opening of Entebbe international airport for visitors/tourists to Uganda, there are different measures put in place to control the spread of COVID 19 among our tourists intending to visit Uganda on an Uganda safari tour. As a company, we are obligated to follow the measures provided by the government to protect our clients when they arrive in Uganda for an Uganda Safari. The ministry of foreign affairs in Uganda has presented its compliments to the Diplomatic mission, International organiastaions and Honorary consuls accredited to Uganda to refer to the provided measures to help with the sprend of COVID 19. These measures include the following for visitors coming into Uganda;

Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists

With effect from 1st October 2020, they have revised the arrival and departure measures (Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists) at Entebbe international airport and all land border of Uganda. 

Travellers’ intending on visiting Uganda on a Uganda Safaris tours are now allowed to come in and go out however, thye must have a negative COVID 19 test 72 hours before arrival into Uganda. As a tour operator, Achieve Global Safari, we will ensure that our visitors follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) including; wearing of masks, social distancing and prevent our visitors from mixing with other people. 

Visa and permits facilitations have been resumed by the Immigration Directorate of the ministry of internal Affairs. Therefore, all tourists requiring Uganda Visas to enter Uganda must ensure they have the appropriate entry Visa in time of arrival and they can visit the Immigration site for E-Visa application. It is advisable to submit Visa applications a fortnight before the expected time of arrival.

Therefore, arrivals from tourists need to have a tour plan, travel itinerary, valid, passport, a yellow fever vaccination and a COVID 19 negative test.

Additional arrangements have been made for travellers to who are unable to access E-VISA system to obtain visas on arrival at Entebbe international airport. However, keeping in mind that they will have to bear the incoveniences of queuing at the bank to pay for the entry visa fees upon arrival at any entry land border point or at the airport. 

Below are the measures put in place that travellers must know after their Uganda safari and are existing Uganda;

All travellers exiting Uganda will be required to present a COVID 19 negative test results issued to them 72 hours before their departure. 

Travellers who were already in the country and are unable to travel back to their countries due to the covid 19 restrictions, will be allowed to exit. 

No exits will be permited to foreign nationals who seek to start their journeys in Uganda to a country except those who are residents in Uganda.  

Provided below are the health regulations that must be followed by all travellers. 

All travellerswho do not have COVID 19 symptoms such as the temperature of above 37 degrees celcuis, do not have persistent cough, difficulty in breathing or flu-like symptoms, a negative PCR based on COVID 19 test carried out 72 hours before travel will be exempted from quarantine.

However, travellers tested with symptoms of COVID 19 at points of entry, a sample will be collected and the individuals will be required to quarantine themselves at individual costs in health facilities designated by the ministry of health until the results are returned. If results return postive, the individual will be taken to an isolation facility for medical treatment. 

Testing of any recent travellers will be based on symptoms, in the event thatthey develop symtyoms, consistent with COVID 19. Contacts with recent travellers that develop symptoms will be advised to seld quarantine for 14 days. The contacts that are in high risk category will be prioritized for testing to ensure early diagnosis and management. The most vulnerable people will be prioritized for testing, tracking, and care.

Self-isolation and self-management, under well-defined standards operations proceduresand clear referral pathways will be instituted for the symptomatic non-high risk individuals.

Health facility-based isolationand care will be preserved for moderately, severelly, and critically ill case-patients. 

Consideration will be made for auxillary non-health facility based on isolationand management of mild cases especailly among the high risk categories. 

All flight crew members will be exempted from qurantine after operatingnay flightif they have a negative test with no COVID 19 symptoms. However, in such a case where a flight crew member test positive, he/she will be quarantined for at a designated place for treatment.

Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists
Revised COVID 19 Measures for tourists

The airline operations must ensure that travellers are tested prior travel with proper screening, medical briefing, and reporting any cases to the relevant authorities. 

For travellers’ leaving the country, they will be required to have a authentic vaild negative testand abide by the particular travel, healthand COVID 19 related requirments of the destination country.

After the lockdown was uplifted, curfew time in Uganda was places between 21:00 hours and 18:00 hours and no movement is allowed between that time. However, tourists arriving after curfew time, must have a valid airticket, and a boarding pass to be able to access their hotel or any other place of residence. While the safari driver must have a valid evidence that shows that they have come to the airport o either drop or pick up the passengers. Passengers departing after curfew time must have a Air ticket and Boarding pass will be allowed to access the airport at that timw of the night.

Civil Aviation Authority is however, reviewing frequency and timing of flightsto facilitate physical distancing at the airport

In the case of Diplomatic flights requests and special flights by the Diplomatic Missions, such requests will continue to be channeled through ministry of foreign affairs. The VIP lounge access for diplomats at Entebbe airport will resume after completion of all the Port Health Procedures on arrival and departure.

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