River Rwizi is one of Uganda’s hidden gem ,found around Lake Mburo National park, along the South west region of Uganda , Mbarara district; the biggest commercial town in the west   that needs to be uncovered by any tourist that comes across Lake Mburo national Park ,The flowing river is actually a life blood to the people of Mbarara and districts of Bushenyi, Buhweju, Sheema,Ntungamo, Isingiro,Kiruhura, Lyantonde and Rakai, as it’s a major source of water to communities together with their livestock  living along its banks, it then pours its water into Lake Victoria through a network of wet lands of the Kooki lakes : Mburo,Kachera,Nakivale among others.

The River offers excellent stop overs for travelers on Uganda wildlife safari in the west and south part of Uganda, as its in close contact with the country’s famous game parks; Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Queen Elizabeth National Game Park and Lake Mburo National game park. River Rwizi rises from the Buhweju mountain area, with more water coming from the various tributaries originating from the various sections of Ankole, where it then flows for a steady distance before eventually releasing its flow into Lake Victoria.

Its sky blue waters are so appealing making it stunningly beautiful River making it stand out as a must see in Mbarara district with a variety of water animal, birds singing along as the water flows, though it is now at a verge of drying up due to climate changes in the region, water reduced, and this could be a threat to ecosystems surviving on it.

 Visiting the River can lead one to local  settlements, where you will get to see the daily lives of those communities, their activities like brick making, harvest of papyrus, fishing and many more, And with this increased human activities at the River banks, the River, each and every day is becoming prone to drying up, and if you are to take a glance at its waters now, its all dirty and brown as a result of so many disposal of waste products, as it’s a life support to so many industries around the area.

River Rwizi
River Rwizi

The once vibrant River is now a road to the residents staying around it hence they aren’t in a need of a bridge to cross the River that shows reduced volume of water being carried by River Rwizi , and its buffer zone has been turned into people’s gardens and also soil excavation takes place in that zone. Wet lands have also been destroyed, the once sources of fish, especially mudfish. And as the Chairperson of River Rwizi catchment management said ‘’ when you think about where the water was in 1970 and where it is now, you can say the river is no longer there’’. that calls for a lot of support to restore this tampered treasure.

Arriving from Mbarara to River Rwizi is like a 10 minute drive from the town Centre, passing via Mbarara University of Science and Technology, the main hospital, road taking you to Ibanda , and once beyond that, is the Rwizi.

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