There are various legends about the Rock of Kamegeri in Rwanda but what is largely believed is that in the early days, an advisor to the King of Rwanda met a grisly end on that Rock and a very unusual way!

In the C19th a man by the name Kamegeri , being a trusted adviser, took his suggestion to the then King of Rwanda that the said rock be made a punishment place for people that break the law. They would heat the rock with fire wood till it turned red hot and then people be put to death there.

The king was so welcoming of the idea and so he passed the suggestion into law. He ordered that the rock be heated until it was red hot, the king then did the unexpected by first burning Kamegeri himself on the rock in order to get rid of a character who could suggest such an inhuman act for his fellows.

Depending on the trusted account of the tale, this happened during the rule of Mwami (“King”) Yuhi IV Gahindiro that reigned from 1746 to 1853 and was well known to be a democratic ruler who never preferred to solve issues with violence. Other versions mention that it was King Mibambwe Sekarongoro Mutabazi, the one that took charge much earlier.
The Rock of kamegeri is still present in Ruhango district of Rwanda and you can go visit it. A place where kamegeri was put to death by his own suggestion. Make sure you touch it; as people say it’s ever hot no matter the time of the day or weather.

If you want to visit this place you can ask your tour operator or travel agent to organize for you otherwise if you choose to go by yourself, you take a bus to Nyanza and like any tourist site, you will ask from here and be sure you will find. Urutare rwa Kamegeri is the local Kinyarwanda name for the rock. You may choose to hire a cab for convenience.

Before you can take any photos there, it is important to inform the guard nearby that you will be only taking photos of the rock and not him or his house and the photos should be totally free of charge without any conflict. Go explore Rwanda and enjoy the land of a thousand hills!

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