Rukari Palace: The Cultural Hub In Nyaza Ya Butare

Rukari Palace: The Cultural Hub In Nyaza Ya Butare: Most people know nothing about Nyanza ya Butare. It is formerly the Nyabishindi during the colonial times. It is Rwanda’s heart of cultural excitement. It also served as the Kingdom’s Capital in the 19th century.

King Musinga Yuhi V first lived in Kamonyi, then Gitwiko, Bweramvura, Mwima and finally Nyanza.

As many call it, Nyanza Ya Butare is seen as an influencial place for politica, economy and culture. Up to date, it holds the country’s cultural heritage like the two museums — King’s palace at Rukali and the national Art gallery at Rwesero.

During the time of king Musinga V in the 1890s, Nyanza became a royal capital and this made it the home to the most artistic and intellectual activities. Most of the economic transactions also happened here.

There is a replica of the 19th century Rukari royal traditional palace that’s has been build with traditional materials just to ensure you have the experience of the old palace as it used to be. Difference is that today, the palace is a museum since there is no king that resides there and there is a lot of things from the fallen monarch that are on display here.

Once the home of King Mutara III, the Museum in Rukari sits on the same area. After his dead, the queen continued to stay here until 1964 when she was forced to leave. This place was restored and made a museum in 2006

Some of the things that are exhibited in this museum are equipment that was used by King Mutara and his family in their day today life. Things like knives, machetes, plates and pots plus lots of other cutlery. On the hills of Mwina in the neighbor hood is where the remains of King Mutara III were laid to rest and his wife who was murdered during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

The cultural corridor of Rwanda is really and Exciting adventure to take. You will have a lot to see in this area rather than just the museums. In each part of Rwanda you go to, you have chance to interact with the community them being friendly and welcoming.

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