Virgin Rwanda – The Land of Athousand Hills and Mountains

The Land of Athousand Hills: From the little clean and cozy Kigali city, the rattling plains teeming with abundance of wildlife, chains of dramatic forested volcanoes that safely tuck the mountain gorillas away , the Ancient and largest tropical rain forest in Africa: Nyungwe forest that boasts of numerous primates including the chimpanzees and large troops of different monkey species, to the thousand lush green rolling hills and interesting culture: Rwanda’s tourism is rising quite fast, portraying the promising future from its horrific past.

Rwanda - The Land of Athousand Hills and Mountains

Welcome to Rwanda – a Land of a Thousand Hills: Rwanda is a luxurious country with countless hills, incredible surroundings and winding roads that hug tightly to the hills. The majestic mountain peaks of the Virunga volcanoes in the far northwest of the country form a natural border with Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and Uganda. And on the densely forested slopes, among the bamboo and dense jungle of the volcanoes’ forbidding slopes are some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas.

More than the magical mountain gorillas are the relaxing shores and bays of Lake Kivu, which hide some of the best inland beaches on the Africa. Deep in the south western part of the counrty, Parc National Nyungwe Forest is the most immense montane rain forest in the East Africa and provides a home for many primates like the chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, the less researched L’hoest’s monkey among others.

However it’s not all monkey business in Rwanda, as you make it through the clean safe and sophisticated capital contrary to other cities in East Africa. While at it, take off the time to visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum a tribute to the fallen Rwandese during the genocide. And in the Far East is the only Savannah conservation area in the country. Its shimmering hippos-grace the lakes and glorious green rolling hills are home to masses of antelope, elephants, buffaloes and lions, lots of giraffes (these were introduced and never native), impala, waterbuck among others.

Lets not forget to check out the graceful culture and history of this peace full nation in the largest ethnographic museum in East Africa found in Huye, and the former home of loyalty in Nyana along with numerous genocide memorial site that will tell you about the horrific man slaughters of Rwanda ‘s past before you check out of the virgin Rwanda destination.

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