Safari activities to do on Entanda Cultural Adventure : Mityana District is a district in the Central Region of Uganda, bordered by Kiboga District to the north, Nakaseke District to the northeast, Wakiso District to the east, Mubende District to the west, Mpigi District to the southeast, Butambala and Gomba Districts to the south.

Mityana is well known to be the top leading agricultural district in the entire of Uganda growing crops such as sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, maize, bananas, groundnuts, onions, cabbage, and tomatoes which are cash crops, and also known to be one of the districts in Uganda with a lot of cultural experiences.

And in this article Achieve global safaris brings to you one of the famous cultural centers in the mityana district known as the entanda cultural center one of the best destinations to visit while on a cultural adventure in Uganda.

Entanda is situated in the Mityana locale in Kijjude town signifying “Overflow”. Entanda is about an hour’s drive from Kampala city.

Entanda is a local area-based vacationer drive with a credible guest experience and it has fostered several invigorating exercises that draw in an enormous number of sightseers/guests.

It can likewise be a visit for vacationers going on outings toward the western piece of Uganda in Fort Portal, Kasese, Hoima, and a few different spots.

There are several Uganda safari activities to experience such as bark cloth making, traditional tree swinging, khoja and senga talks (Uncle and Aunt), and traditional weaving but these are some of the few that are most enjoyed by sightseers at the destination.

Safari activities to do on Entanda Cultural Adventure

Soccer game: The soccer game is the final activity of the day and this happens between visitors and the hosts and the winner takes a goat. As the match goes on, there is goat roasting where visitors get an opportunity to roast their meat.

Hunting: Hunting is done not to kill but to catch and release back to the wilderness. But the moment here is the hunting experience. Come give it a try however, this is only done by men while ladies learn how to prepare food for the men who will be returning from hunting.

Tree planting: Plant trees as part of conservation and also get to give them your own chosen names.

Visit honey hives: Not only visiting but also harvesting it. The biggest part is tasting the unprocessed, nutritious honey direct from its hive.

Fruits buffer: Enjoy a mouthwatering fruit buffet with a variety of fruits such as; jack fruits, mangoes, sugarcanes, pineapples, guavas, pawpaws, yellow bananas, and many others.

Safari activities to do on Entanda Cultural Adventure
Entanda Cultural Adventure

Luwombo: You get an opportunity to participate in the preparation of traditional food such as Luwombo and have it served in a typical traditional setting.

Traditional music: Enjoy the kiganda traditional dance and also listen to the sound of several traditional musical instruments like the sekitulege (sexy musical instrument).

These are yet some of the safari activities that you should expect to experience while at the Entanda cultural center in the Mityana district with the help of Achieve global safaris, you can get to explore the Mityana district and get to know more about the sacred ventures there.

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