Safari Lodges in Fort Portal Uganda  : Fort portal is situated in the Western region of Uganda in Kabarole district hich is historically known as the Toro kingdom. Fort portal is famously known as a tourism city that attracts many large numbers from worldwide to visit the beautiful nature and wildlife areas such as Muhoma falls, Kibale national park where tourists get a chance to see the many primate and the endangered chimpanzees, Semuliki National park where tourists see birds, monkeys, butterflies, and trees among others. More there are other several attractions within fort portal such as Amber caves, Bigodi wetlands sanctuary, and Lake Nkuruba nature reserve, Tooro Botanical gardens where they get an opportunity to look at different plant species and bird species and Kihingami wetlands.

Fort portal was named so after the British consul General of Zanzibar, Sir Gerald Portal and it was constructed in 1800s in order to protect the Tooro kingdom from King Kabalega of Bunyoro and his persistent guerrilla raids.

Therefore tourists who travel to Uganda on a safari to Fort portal can always have their stay in any of the accommodation facilities found in fort portal and these lodging facilities include;

Crater safari lodge.

Crater safari lodge is a lodge that offers its guests with comfort during their stay whereby its rooms have big hot and cold shower bathrooms, provided with clean large towels,  a television that keeps guests entertained,  a 24 hour room service that helps guests get or ask for anything at any time they want, free WI-FI, charging sockets, good air conditioning, laundry services, and gardens where there guests can sit and relax the breathe taking atmosphere, first aid kits are available in the rooms in case of any injuries. More so, Crater safari lodge offers a variety of facilities to their guests like, family room, rental cars, sauna and spa, restaurant that provides guests with delicious meals, swimming pool, shuttle services, the gold course, which is with 3 kilometers away from the lodge. Bar, gym, free parking. In addition, visitors having their stay at this lodge have high chances of participating in several activities like; hiking, swimming, massage fishing, and canoeing and many more.

Aramaga rift valley lodge

Aramaga rift valley lodge is located on a ridge of the rift valley 10n kilometers west of Fort portal in the western region of Uganda. The sleeping pods at this lodge always appear to float in space providing guests with stunning views of the Semuliki wildlife reserve and the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains. More so, these sleeping pods contain double rooms which are well equipped with bathroom with both cold and warm shower, flushing toilet, French double bed, a bench, a desk. However, there is Moonshot, which is considered as the largest sleeping pod at the lodge, which contains one king, size bed, and two beds, with a living room where to sit and relax. At Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, all the pods contain a bathtub on the rooftop with either cold or hot water depending on what the guest prefers and there are shelf areas available where food and drinks are served. This lodge offers its guests with facilities like; swimming pool, the Bali swing, the fire rings that facilitate at least 10 guests and many others.

Safari Lodges in Fort Portal Uganda
Aramaga rift valley lodge

Kibale Safari lodge.

Kibale safari lodge is situated in Kanyanchu on the way to Bigondi village where tourists on their way capture beautiful views of the Kibale forest National Park and the Rwenzori mountains. This lodge is made up of eight cottages, which are fully furnished and self-contained with private bathrooms and flushing toilets, a veranda where guests sit and relax as they watch the amazing wildlife animals as they jump around in the trees. More so, Kibale safari lodge is located 1.5 kilometers away from Kibale national park and it offers its guests with facilities like; the restaurant which serves them with delicious local and international dishes, free parking, free WI-FI, fully stocked bar where guests sit and take some drinks and many others.

Chimpundu lodge.

Chimpundu lodge is located 34 kilometers on Kamwenge road and the rooms at this lodge contain a private and clean bathroom with both cold and warm showers, free WI-FI, free parking,  24 hour room service,  daily housekeeping first aid kit, charging sockets, laundry services, ironing services, gym, steam rooms. More so, Chimpundu lodge offers its visitors with facilities like; coffee shop, restaurant, vending machine and many others and other amenities like; the fire extinguisher, smoke detector and the wheelchair always available for use when need arises.

Kyaninga Lodge.

Kyaninga lodge is was well constructed to be accommodate and attract individuals because it is considered among the best destinations in Fort portal where can rest with comfort and these rooms at Kyaninga Lodge contain a private bathroom with clean towels, flushing toilets, wardrobes where guests keep their clothes, linen service, bathtubs, free bottles water in order for the guests to keep hydrated, mosquito net, free WI-FI and many others.

However, apart from the above-mentioned lodges, there are other many affordable and comfortable safari lodges where visitors can have their stay and these include; Bella vista lodge, Rubalika safari lodge, Rweteera safari park, papaya lake lodge, Ndali lodge and many others.

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