Sipi falls, Ugandan most beautiful waters

Sipi Falls Uganda: in eastern Uganda, at a distance of 55kilometers north of Mbale, lies Sipi falls at the foothills of Mt. Elgon in Kapchorwa district formerly known as Sebei. The beautiful waterfalls are a result of the Mountain river that flows over a sequence of colossal basalt precipice of the mountain Elgon sides and translates into a series of three sipi falls. The most spectacular to watch is the third site which guts about 100m long. The other site – Simba, pitches 69metres above the cave’s gateway and Ngasire pours from over 87metres high ridge.

The journey to Kapchorwa takes you through Jinja, Mbale and Sironko heading further East close to Kenya. A visit to the falls involves a slightly challenging 7km trek that involves steep ascents and descents, thorny bushes, fragile foot paths and feeble ladders across farms and lots of sludge more so in the rainy season – although things might be a bit different in the dryer months.

There are several nearby lodges from where you can catch sight and hear the gushing sound of the falls including Sipi River Lodge and Lacam lodge from where you can view the focal drop of the tallest sipi falls at 100m. There are other places where you can get great views with sights downhill and the amphitheatre like landscape makes for spectacular photos of the cascading falls.

Taking a tour with an experience guide, you will begin with descents through well cultivated local farms and continue to the base of the falls or call it the headquarters as well! As previously noted, the trails can be slippery and grimy but braving the hike will enable you access close proximity to the falls from the front!

The cave at the base is a perfect viewing spot; from inside, you will enjoy the back of the bigger falls. Proceed with the trek uphill to a small foot path that leads to the site of the second falls that is about 69m tall. These falls result from upper tumbles that finally make a final thrust. There is also another cave right behind the middle falls that can be accessed through a tiny path.

As you go further, the hike becomes steeper and boggy as you take in breaths of fertile, volcanic and cultivated slopes of the Elgon. Proceed with a fair walk through a number of farms before encountering yet again slithery tracks leading you to the bottom of the uppermost Sipi falls – and that’s exhilarating!

The final leg on the Sipi falls loop takes you to the third site and it is immensely rewarding and awesome. The 80 or perhaps 100m tall columnar falls are well visible from a distance as you continue to approach; for those that persist and tor the path, a perfect view will be your reward from a real close proximity!

Because of its height and the massive flow, the falls will shower you in a misty spew that’s all rejuvenating and that’s the climax of the tour! On a sunny day, the sun waves reflect a colorful rainbow in the mist and that will be nothing less than spectacular – especially with a good lens! After that, you will find your way back to the trading center and on to your lodge or next program.

Be sure to add Sipi falls on your must see nature sites when you book your tour to Uganda and look forward to an incredible experience. The local people around Mt. Elgon grow the best coffee as well so remember to buy some as souvenir – one that you will enjoy while improving the livelihoods of the locals!

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