Sir Samuel Baker’s Military Fort Of Patiko

Sir Samuel Baker’s Military Fort Of Patiko : The exploration of the Nile attracted alot of people in the past. These included missionaries, the explorers themselves, the colonial representative etc. All these came with different points of interest. One of the explorers was Sir Samuel Baker whole move to the northern district of Gulu and established his own fort. Fort patiko is just about 40 minutes drive from Gulu town in Northern Uganda.


This fort was built by Sir samuel Baker as a military fort in order to stop slave trade. The Arabs had set up huts in Ocecu hill the present day Gulu to store there merchandise including slaves. Slaves especially from south Sudan would carry these things and this was a point of rest of their Journey to the coast.

When Sir Baker left, this fort was used by Emin Pasha and Charles Gordon as they served as governors of the Pronvince of Uganda under the British. This makes it a very good site to visit.

The fort collapsed but remains of this fort in the Patiko subcounty of Gulu district have become a source of attraction in the area. Since its on the hill, you can have a good view of the semi arid area.

There are dark spots on the rots that are believed to be blood stains of the slaves as they witnessed torture from the Arab dealers who beheaded some of them who could not make it to the market.

The natural beauty of the place, rose above its dark history and can provide tourists with the chance to feel the beauty felt my the early explorers and thus increasing safaris in Uganda.

We offer you the chance to visit Fort Patiko so as to feel the beauty of the place.

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