The Adventures Of The Nile: The Fascinating Adventure

The Adventures Of The Nile: The Fascinating Adventure, The Adventures Of The Nile: It has always been a big debate when it come to the topic of the source of the Nile. Whether or not you believe Jinja being the source of the Nile, one thing for sure is that it is the longest river in the world. you can voluntarily take a safari to this place and tell for your self if it is the source of the Nile. One may say that the Nile has a different source  for sure the Nile begins from here, you may debate the source later.

The rive goes through countries like: Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt. It cover s distance of about 6853km. It starts from Lake Victoria the Largest Fresh water lake in Africa and the 3rd in the world. Lake Victoria is drained by a lot of feeders including River Kagera, the question of the source of the Nile come in from here.

When you are to visit this site, you can have alot of other site you may add to your itinerary like Sezibwa Falls, Mabira Forest and of course alot of other scenery like the Itanda falls.

Some of the activities you can do in Jinja is the white water rafting which you can to at that Itanda falls, there is a boat cruise you can do to navigate the source of the Nile. The most exciting of all is the Bunjee jumping. As long as you are ages 13 and above, be sure to try out this. you will live to tell the adventure of the Nile.

Bunjee Jumping Uganda

You can go ahead and tour Jinja town the industrial town of  Uganda. 50% of the factories are found in this area. There is alot cultural experiences you will see through this time, the Asian architecture for example. Jinja is part of the Busoga chiefdom and there alot of cultural centers that you can visit on the recommendation of your tour operator to see the treasures of this Cultural Institution.

Tourists can also obtain a skill in Kayaking and they will be happy to go home after the Safari to tell their friends and families about it. An adventure to the Nile’s source is a thrilling experience and a worthwhile investment of time

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