The Best Uganda Coffee Safari: Uganda Coffee Tours: Uganda is one of the best safari destination in Africa with many attractions to see and explore as well as many Uganda safari activities to do such as mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and wildlife safari, game drive, and walking safari in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, and Kidepo Valley National Park.  Apart from that, Uganda is also the best place in Africa to visit in if you’re interested in agro tourism. As one of the main cash crops for the majority of the nation, coffee is grown across Uganda, including in several safari regions. Along with gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, coffee tours are another fascinating activity you may take part in while on an African safari.

 Since coffee was first introduced to Uganda in 1900, it has been grown there. Prior to the local population starting to drink coffee, Ugandan coffee was primarily exported. Since that time, both locals and foreign tourists in Uganda have made coffee one of their favorite beverages.

Visitors on a Uganda Coffee Safari can learn about everything from sowing coffee seeds in the garden to sipping coffee at a table. In Uganda coffee safari tour Visitors are required to participate in a variety of tasks, including planting coffee, harvesting coffee beans, drying, cleaning, sorting, roasting, and creating a cup of coffee. Every trip to Uganda should include a visit to and learning about a coffee farm on the itinerary.


Two varieties of coffee are grown in Uganda: Robusta, which thrives in low-altitude regions, and Arabica, which is grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori. In your Uganda safari tour don’t skip Mount Elgon coffee tours to explore the Arabic or Bugisu coffee estates near Sipi Falls and Mbale. For more fantastic coffee safari experience in Uganda do not forget to Visit Kichwamba village in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

You can learn about Robusta coffee farming in Uganda by participating in one of the village tours that are offered around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Other locations for a coffee safari in Uganda include the vicinity of Kibale National Park, the Mount Rwenzori region, and mountain gorilla habitat. Also you can take Kigezi district coffee tour during you’re Kisoro vacation.

The Best Uganda Coffee Safari
Coffee Tours In Uganda

Activities associated with the Uganda Coffee Safari contribute to locals’ ability to improve their standard of living by bringing in money. A tiny gift of a coffee packet is typically offered to visitors who attend coffee tours to take home and share with their family and friends. The best coffee from Uganda is flavorful, unadulterated, and pure. While some people prefer to chew their coffee beans, others prefer to sip brewed, roasted, and ground Ugandan coffee.

A visit to Uganda’s coffee plantations can be added to your safari schedule as a stand-alone activity, or you can combine it with other excursions. These include visiting a place where crafts are made by hand, weaving baskets, and participating in a brewery experience where banana beer is made. This involves picking bananas, letting them mature in holes, removing the peels, and turning the juice into beer by adding yeast.


Don’t miss community excursions to learn about coffee farming and spend time with farmers if you’re interested in agro-tourism in Uganda. Along with taking part in the growing, selecting, and drying of tea, you’ll also make a cup for yourself to try. Don’t forget to mention to your tour adviser when you arrange your trip to Uganda that you want to go on a coffee tour of the local community.

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