The Land of Milk and Honey – Mbarara Town : Have you ever been on a simple talk with your friends and get to know that there are some things that you were never even not educated about, well on a Uganda safari get to know about the land of milk and honey and get to realize as to why it is considered as the land of milk and honey.

Mbarara, the land of “Milk and Honey” is a district in Western Uganda that demonstrates beauty in all methods. The striking hills and gorgeous green vegetation of Mbarara. These scenes make one appreciate the splendor of Uganda.

The beauty of this stunning destination is the major reason as to why it is called the land of milk and honey.

Mbarara town the world of milk and honey is in the Southern part of Uganda. When one dialogues about Mbarara, long-horned cattle arise to mind. When arriving to the town a statue symbolic of the long-horned cattle can be seen, demonstrating its distinction in the lands of Mbarara. Mbarara town for several years has received people with this monument of a long-horned cow which obviously shows that they are cattle keepers and they are the principal manufacturers of milk in Uganda. Cattle foodstuffs beef that has tremendously low cholesterol. The tender beef is a fond slenderness all over the world. Texas in particular has contained the long-horned cattle. The milk from the cattle is very nutritious as well.

Any fun of milk this could be the best place to have a stopover at while on a Uganda safari because Mbarara town is the center for milk processing in the Western region and has the largest number of milk processing plants in Uganda. It’s a steady four-hour drive from Kampala city it covers an area of about 1,0020 square kilometers.

Apart from cattle keeping over 90 percent of the populace in Mbarara are involved in agricultural hence marking it one of the chief food baskets of the country.  Mbarara is surrounded by the districts of Sheema, Ntungamo, Ibanda, Kiruhura, Buhweju and Isingiro, the district has an estimated population of over one million people.

Climate of Mbarara town

 while on a Uganda safari one may love to understand better of where they are headed to and what kind climatical conditions to encounter well Mbarara town between the driest and wettest months, the difference in rainfall is 94 mm | 4 inch. The dissimilarity in annual temperature is around 2.4 °C | 4.3 °F. The month with the uppermost relative damp is November. The month with the lowest relative humidity is July. The month with the maximum number of rainy days is October. The month with the lowest number of rainy days is July. Mbarara is in the middle and the summers are that easy to define.

The Land of Milk and Honey - Mbarara Town
Ankole Cattle

 Quick facts about Mbarara town

The Banyankole are the main tribe in the district. Even though there are other tribes of people in the town but those are considered as the major one, not to forget that even the current president of Uganda lies in that tribe and he is also from the land of milk and honey Mbarara. No wonder the ruling Ugandan president, Museveni who has been in power now for 32 consistent years. He is also one of the leading suppliers of milk and beef in the country from his farm in kiruhura

The town is home to the famous Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Nile Breweries, Mbarara Century bottling company limited, steel plant, Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, Ntare School, Mbarara High School, Mayhill High School and many others.

 Tourists Attractions in Mbarara

Lake Mburo National Park

Formerly located in Mbarara district but with the emergence of new districts, apparently the park is mostly in Kiruhura district. While in Lake Mburo National Park, one can enjoy activities like game drives and expect to view animals like buffaloes, zebras, leopards, impalas, hippos among others. You can also go bird watching and game hunting, sport fishing or enjoy a launch cruise among several other activities.

Igongo Cultural Centre

Situated along the Kampala– Mbarara highway is a dominant well known regional cultural museum that connects the future to the past about the people of south-western and western Uganda. This culturally enriched site/museum is found in the outskirts of Mbarara town and is filled with rich history about the western culture, wild animals found in this area like the impalas, Uganda kobs and several others. Igongo Cultural Centre also offers the best delicious dishes, accommodation facilities, and so many other activities and services.

The Land of Milk and Honey - Mbarara Town
Igongo Cultural Centre

Gorilla Trekking

This is done outside Mbarara city but worth mentioning because it is one of the major tourist attractions in Uganda. Uganda is lucky to be hosting half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas in the wild at Bwindi forest and Mgahinga National Park. The parks are only 4 hours away by road. If you are already in Mbarara, the journey to track the gorillas becomes easier and less tiresome, The Land of Milk and Honey – Mbarara Town.

Cultural Sites

Just like any other kingdom, Ankole was also led by the Omugabe. However, Ankole kingdom was not restored when kingdoms restoration was done. Some of the cultural sites include the burial place of the Abagabe (Kings) at Nkokonjeru. Nkokonjeru tombs

Found in Kakiika in Mbarara district are tombs where the former two Omugabes (kings) of the Ankole kingdom were buried and outside these tombs are several graves of Ankole’s prominent personalities. However, the inhabitants of the current chiefdoms are not giving it much significance though it’s among the best venues to get detailed information about Ankole or Banyankole in particular. Other cultural sites include; the administration block at Kamukuzi among others.

Ankole Long Horned Cattle

In Uganda, these cattle originated from this region though they are now spread to other regions as well. The value attached to these cattle is so dignified because someone’s wealth was measured by the heads of cattle he owned. There are several farms along the Kampala-Mbarara road where one can spot the long-horned cattle. Although these cows are now threatened due to cross-breeding, one can spot herds grazed by the Hima pastoral groups. There are no doubts whatsoever that Mbarara district is the leading milk producer and supplier in Uganda.

Various water bodies

 Mbarara has got several water bodies passing through its boundaries. The most prominent ones are Lake Nakivale, River Ruizi and Lake Kachera. Lake Nakivale is located in the south eastern part of Mbarara City.  The distance from the City to the lake is about Things to see in Mbarara districtforty kilometers. The lake has large open fields around its shores with sandy beaches that are suitable for picnics. The lake is also close to Nakivale Refugee settlement.

River Ruizi on the hand gets its waters from the highlands in Bushenyi District. The river then flows all the way to Lake Kachera. River Ruizi is suitable for canoeing, fishing and spotting small primates.  Part of Lake Kachera is found in Lake Mburo National Park allowing it to receive many of the park animals. You can actually see some the animals from specific points without having to pay the park entrance fee required for a full safari in the park. If you find this article helpful, you should also read the one about the places to visit in Mombasa Kenya, The Land of Milk and Honey – Mbarara Town.

Kinyankole Culture

The Banyankole are immensely known for their culture. The Bahima are cattle keepers while the Bairu are cultivators/farmers. The Banyankole exhibit their culture in all areas of their lives like; cattle keeping, marriage, dress code among others.

The women put on Lesu or Nshanana while men dress in kanzus and suits for the official cultural events. Looking stunningly smart, there are various other dressing codes and several traditional music, dance, and Instruments


Being the home of milk and honey as referred by many, when you reach Nkore land, expect to find the milk in all kinds like Bongo, local yogurt, ghee, butter, and many others. Other foods include matooke and kalo as the staple food.

Activities in Mbarara town

Milking cattle.

Herding cattle,

Game drives

Visit cultural tombs

Mbarara town tour

Bird watching

Boat launch and many others.

The Land of Milk and Honey - Mbarara Town
Agip Motel

Accommodation facilities in Mbarara town.

The town has well developed infrastructure coupled with the vast tourist attraction in the region making it a tourist viable investment destination.  Some of the hotels in the district are Igongo country hotel, Lakeview Resort, Hotel Triangle, Agip Motel and Rwizi Hotel hence meaning that accommodation is well taken care of and one has not to worry on where they will sleep or rest while on a Uganda safari to the Mbarara the land of milk and honey.

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