Things to do in Semuliki National Park : Semuliki National Park is located in the western region of Uganda in Bundibugyo district and it is known as one of the smallest and newest national parks in the country which was established in October, 1993 and covers an area of 220 square kilometers and 670-760 meters above the sea level. This park lies within the Albertine Rift and the western part of East Africa.  Semuliki National park is famous because it is recommended as the best destination for birding in Uganda. It lies on Uganda’s boarder with the democratic Republic of Congo. The park is managed and protected by a government Programme which is known as the Uganda Wildlife Authority whose main is to over sea and protect all national parks and game reserves in the country. Semuliki national park shields about 53 mammal species and 441 bird species.

Semuliki National Park experiences temperate tropical climate with an average of 1,250mm and is always to receive rain between months of March-May and from September to December which is even not to be the best time to visit the national because many of them may even experience flooding during this period leading to many animals go into their hiding places.

There are only two main roads that can purposely lead to the park, these are from Kampala to fort portal via Masaka and Kasese, this journey is a 7hour drive and Kampala to Fort portal via Mubende which is a 5-6hour drive.

Semuliki Nation Park is known to have fascinating attractions around the park and these include; Sempaya  and Mumbuga hot springs which captivates peoples interests to come and enjoy the winds at the beautiful hot springs. Both people inside and outside the country visit the hot springs and carryout activities like fetching water and taking baths and watching  a quite number of birds


Sempaya Hot Springs.

Sempaya hot springs are located at the edge of the great ituri forest which boarders with Uganda and the democratic Republic of Congo in the western side of the Rwenzori Mountains. They are the most magnificient attractions in Semiliki national park having both female and the male hot springs. The female hot spring is referred to as Nyasimbi which is meant to mean female ancestors in the local language and the water in this spring boils at a temperature of 103C, spurting bubbling waters and steam two meters high. The Male hot spring is known as Bintente and covers 12meters in width located in a swampy area.

Things to do in Semuliki National Park
Sempaya Hot Springs

Semliki River.

Semliki River flows from the Rwenzori mountains pouring water into lake Albert and then into River which is well known to be the longest river in the world. This River is 160kilometers long and conserves a very big number of wild animals that tend to catch the attention of travelers along the river and these include; crocodiles, hippos, and bird species like; the rare shoebill stock.


Tourists at Semuliki national park in Uganda happen to set their eyes on different kinds of animals while moving around the park and these animals include; forest elephants, potto, bush babies, monkeys, crocodiles, and birds.

There are beautiful other places nice for tourists to outlook which are the park and these include; Toro-Semliki wildlife reserve which is considered to be the oldest game reserve in the country. More so, it is a good spot for chimpanzee trekking activities.

How to get to Semuliki National Park.

Travelers can use either road or air transport to be able to reach semuliki national park.

Air transport.

Travelers can access air transport from Entebbe international airport from Aviation companies such as Aerolink Uganda which offers domestic flights to most of the national parks in Uganda.

Road transport.

This park is located in the west, 50km from Fort portal, and it can be reached through using two main roads from kampala such as; Kampala- Fort portal via Mubende which is a 5-6 hours’ drive and kampala- fort portal via masaka, mbarara,and Kasese  districts which is a 7-8 hours’ drive.

Semuliki National park activities.

Visitors who tend to have intentions and interests to come through at semuliki national park have a change to participate in the following activities ;

Bird watching.

Bird watching activities in this park  take place in Ntandi and Sempaya and offer visitors with splendid beautiful views of forest birds such as; Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, piping hornbill, the white-crested hornbill, the great blue and Ross’s turaco and the yellow-throated Nicator  and many others.

More birding activities can take place at Kirumia river and lake Alberts where tourists can see the rare shoebill stork.

Game drives.

Tourists can take a chance to choose whether they prefer to participate in morning or night game drives where they will able to spot out many wild life animals such as; the Uganda kob, the pygmy hippopotami, waterbucks, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, and bush babies among others.

Hiking to Sempaya hot springs.

With the help of the tourists guides, tourists are always interested to hike to the famous sempaya hot springs. Hiking to the Male hot spring takes about 1 good hour and the way which leads to the male hot spring passes through a large forest where tourists are able to see primates like;  the red-tailed monkey, the black and white colobus monkeys.

The hike to the female hot spring passes through a palm forest where visitors normally cook their raw eggs and plantain which they park along the way to this hot spring. This hike takes about good 30 minutes.

Cultural Encounters.

Tourists participating in a cultural tour or community visits usually interact with the community people as they listen to their music, learn about their cultural history, watch their dancing performances as they listen to their local music. They are also able to visit the Batwa homesteads which are just near the national park.

Guided nature walks.

With accompaniment of experienced tourists guides, visitors always take nature walks around the park. There is a kirumia trail which takes visitors through the heart of the forest up to the end of semliki river and it is 13kilometers long and another trail that visitors  can use is the red monkey track, this trail is rewarded with sights of primates such as; the red-trailed monkeys, and the Debrazza’s monkeys which also leads tourists through the parks eastern border to semliki river which is 11kilomters long.

Things to do in Semuliki National Park
Semuliki National Park

Where to stay in Semuliki national park.

The park offers different classes of accommodation to visitors in the national park according to each individual’o98 s comfortable choice such as; luxury, budget, and mid-range accommodation facilities. And these lodging facilities include the following; Kirimia guesthouse, Semliki safari lodges, UWA Banda and campsite in Sempaya.

There are other nice and comfortable accommodation facilities near the national park for those tourists who prefer to stay outside the park and these include; Picfare guesthouse, Semliki guest house in Bundibugyo and Hotel Vanilla.

Best time to visit the National Park.

The national park can be visited at any time of the year that one wants to but the best time recommended is between January to March and June to September when there are less rains which enables visitors to explore and have a wonderful experience during their tour.

Therefore, with such an experience one, can regret every bit of their stay at the National park. And the visit to this national park can be combined with other awesome activities like; game drives or boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National park, game drives in lake mburo national park, chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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