Best Tips for Mountain Gorilla trekking

Thinking Of Going Gorilla Tracking in Uganda and Rwanda? Here is what you need to know regarding the tips of gorilla tracking in either of these countries.

Tips for Mountain Gorilla trekking

What’s the best time for Gorilla Tracking?

Uganda and Rwanda are close to the equator, so the climate does not change a huge amount. There are 2 weather changing seasons, that is the wet and dry seasons, the wet (rainy) seasons happen  from September to November and from March to April. While the dry seasons happen from December to February and from June to August. However since the gorillas habitat in rain forests, you should expect rainfall at any time.

The wet seasons don’t affect the mobility of the gorillas so you can trek gorillas at any time of the year, Unlike wildlife viewing elsewhere in Africa. For those that like photography, you ought to visit during December, January, February, June, July, August and September.

How fit to be for gorilla trekking?

Any tourist can enjoy gorilla trekking, provided they prepare psychologically for it. Given its kind, gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda is quite physical as you trek through the rain forests, with dense vegetation and in steeply paths full of muda.

Therefore, it takes a lot of fitness to complete the trek with  a lot of fun and enjoyment. It is also important to keep in mind that its a rain forest, it is not very humid and is a bit cool, though you become warm as you trek. Porters are very helpful.

Best Tips for Mountain Gorilla trekking

What to take when I go gorilla trekking?

Healthy and Strong legs, a small rucksack in which you can put your camera, a jacket and comfortable, boots.

Advice for photography?

The opportunities for photography are remarkably amazing and incredible that you will take so many pictures and videos till you consume all batteries and memory cards. Since gorillas are the major center of attraction in the countries they habitat, focus on more on your trip so you should be prepare yourselves for incredible pictures of the green and dense environment, with mountain gorillas themselves being dark subjects always in shadows, though this varies when they move out in the open at times.

This therefore means you need a good camera that can capture very good memories of this once in a life time experience in the wild that you would probably boost about when you return home to your friends and family that is if you are serious for photography.

Ensure to have a good zoom lens with a minimum of 300mm. Apart from the photogenic mountain gorillas, the surrounding environment is very thrilling with possibly impressive ways to photograph, dramatic skylines and volcanoes, along with endless rolling hills and lakes. A wide angle lens may be worth considering to capture the surroundings. Definitely, the community (people) and their social areas like the markets, shatter with bright colors offer stunning picture moments for those with even the most rudimentary understanding of photography.

As always when photographing people, it is best to strike up a conversation first before even asking if they mind having their picture taken, which is not only common courtesy, but puts them at ease, making for much more natural images. That said, please don’t be offended if they say no. As with much of Africa, do not photograph military or government personnel or buildings.

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