Top activities to do in Kidepo Valley National park: Kidepo national park is located in the North Eastern region of Uganda covering a total surface area of 1,442 square kilometers and this national park was in 1958, it was gazette as a game reserve and later in 1962 after the country acquiring its independence, it was established as a national park with an aim of protecting and reserving the wildlife species which are known to be among the most tourist attractions which have attracted many tourists in the country hence contributing a lot on improving the tourism industry of Uganda. More so, there are other attractions with Kidepo valley national park, and these include; the Narus valley, Lomej hills, the Namamukweny valley, kanangorok hot springs, Lonyili Mountain, mount Morungule and the Kidepo valley among others.

Kidepo Valley national park is recommended among the best destinations  to visit while on a safari in Uganda because it surrounded with good nature of woodland and savanna grasslands, mountains, beautiful landscapes, stunning valleys, wildlife species that are always available within the park. Therefore, touring around this national park is worth it as tourists get to capture classic views of interesting things as they get great opportunities to explore through the park.

Top activities to do in Kidepo valley national park.  

Tourists in Kidepo national park always have great opportunities to engage themselves in several interesting activities as they learn and experience new things with in the national park. These activities include;

Bird watching.

Kidepo valley national park is ranked among the best destination for bird lovers to visit while on their birding safari in Uganda hence making it commonly known as a birders paradise. Kidepo valley national park is a home to over 480 bird species that create a fascinating moment for tourists during their tour as they get to sight see different bird species which are easily spotted in places like Namukwenyi valley, Apoka rest camp where they stay and wake up to the sweet melodies of the birds singing, and within the fringes of the Narus. These bird species include; Jackson’s hornbill, pygmy falcon, Dark chanting goshawk, Verreauxs eagle, Scarlet chested sunbird, golden pipit, ostrich, white bellied go-away for kestrel, Abyssinian ground hornbill, goshawk, clapper tons, francolin, sperb starling and many others.

Top activities to do in Kidepo Valley National park
Scarlet chested sunbird

Game Drives.

Tourists who want to explore best within kidepo valley national park can opt to embark on game drive activities, which are always done in two sessions for example; some tourists can opt to engage in the morning game drives or the afternoon drives depending on what time they prefer. During the game drives, they get chances to go through the open savannah grasslands while using safari vehicles as they get clear views and sight see wildlife species in numbers within the national park like; buffaloes, Uganda kob, Oribi, bushbucks, leopards, hyenas, Jackson’s hartebeest, giraffes and many others. However, the morning game drives are considered best because during this period, animals seem more active unlike in the afternoon hours when animals are hiding from the sun under the shade within the dense the dense forests, which makes it hard for tourists to easily spot the species.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists having their safari within kidepo valley national park can choose to go for guided nature walks within their free time as they walk through the Namamukweny valley, Kakine circuit along the Rionomoe trail, Narus valley where they enjoy the cool breeze, Apoka camp as they listen to the birds singing and also get chances to look at animal species like; reedbucks, Zebras, elephants and many others. During these guided nature walks, tourists are always accompanied with park guides and rangers whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of both individuals and the species.

Cultural encounters.

Tourists who have their best interests in learning about some of the cultures in Uganda can choose to visit the neighbouring communities  which are known as the “Manyata” around kidepo national park where they get chances to meet the Karamojong people who always have a habit of entertaining their visitors with their interesting cultural dance performances and sing their traditional folk song and tourists can’t miss out the story telling part where they get to learn more about the history of the Karamojong people. More so, tourists get to watch and learn how these people prepare their local meals and also visit the museum where these community people sell their souvenirs like; art paintings, beads, bows, bags, sandals, jewel, bows, arrows and many more items which tourists buy to take and give their people back at home. 

There are many other activities that tourists exploring in kidepo national park can choose to involve in and these are; hiking to Mount Morungole, community visits where they tour around the Karamojong community, visiting the Ik tribe and the sand bed along River Kidepo among others.

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