Top Safaris to be part of come 2022 : Safari is an expedition to observe the endlessly beauty of Uganda with exciting unique features by millions of tourist jetting in the country to experience. Testimonies from past tourists can really the live moments experienced to extent that most decide to stay long than they had planned. Uganda is the dream destination for those in research of the absolute pinnacles of primate safaris, it outshines all other safari destinations but remains a superb destination for traditional safari by vehicles or boats, thanks to its lush habitats and variety of species.

Top Safaris to be part of come 2022
Uganda Primates Safari

Safari becomes more interesting when attached on with interesting well hospitable tourist centered trained guides that tell all stories of the distinguish feature in Uganda. Imagine a safari in the wilderness of Queen Elizabeth getting fresh air from silent grassland habitat covered in a ray of grasses and small trees with different wildlife like elephants, kobs and buffalos along the way and within the view proximity.

Tour guides are trained in all languages to easy communication with tourists since they guide people from different races and tribes. Tour guides accompany groups of visitors to tourists’ attractions whether on day trips or longer visits and gives them information and insights that help them make the most exciting experience. They are good at communicating well, polite, approachable, knowledgeable, attentive and respectful of the environment.

A safari allows you to get up close and personal with wildlife that’s the way to track of wild animals marveling at their beauty and power. This gives an opportunity to tourists to traverse the African continent to explore the culture, geography, scenery, community experiences and wild life.

Safaris in the past two years has been a good experience with travels across all regions not until in 2020 March, the announcement of Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Uganda in response to putting measures to combat the deadly virus by President Museveni. Due to imposition of lockdown so many sectors were put under closure with tourism sector inclusive and this saw flights from foreign countries stopped, cross border movements and later to burn of district to district movements.

Entirely the past two years have been basically dominated by pandemic lockdowns that went to the extent of having to having total shutdown of transport within the country something that stagnated the safari. This put most safari tours to stand still with hospitable recreation centers closed left with no tourist coming made the hospitality business to struggle. Domestic tourism was as well banned since transport system was shutdown totally in 2021.

However, easing of lockdown gave hope to reopening of different sectors that included allowing flights from all tourists across the World and thus, on October 1 2020 Uganda officially reopened both air and land borders and once again allowed Tourism sector to resume. Resumption came along with many directives guiding on the re-operation of the sector in regard to observing standard operating procedures. Safaris’ resumption has continuously existed even the 2021 second wave lockdown other sectors like education, entertainment, business to note a few but tourism remained open.

Safaris in 2022 have normalized like before covid-19 for both domestic and foreign tourists across all districts and border to border. Observation of standard operating procedures against covid-19 and presidential directives on safari activities continue to be adhered to like proper social distancing, avoiding use of Ace in hotel rooms, travelling with minimum numbers while sanitizing and wearing masks but above all urging all people in that sector to get vaccinated thus Top Safaris to be part of come 2022.

Safaris in Uganda remain very secure from border to border due to stability observed by our might security operatives like police that protects us with our property and mighty Uganda Peoples Defense Forces has all borders secured for safety of all us. Drawing insights into fantastic memorial safaris you can never to be part include;

Wildlife safaris that give opportunity to have potential of viewing animals within the features toured for example elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable with gorillas and more makes you relating with them more. This accompanied by magnificent view of the savannah grassland habitat covered with array of grasses, small trees giving extensive experience and knowledge of the wilderness with animals.

Water safaris comes with unique experience on the precious water bodies God blessed with Uganda. Take a picture canoeing on the deepest lake Bunyonyi in Western Uganda with extra view of land terraces in the mountains of kigezi sub region. More so having boat cruising along the longest river Nile, on Lake Victoria and Murchison falls with bungee jumping, white water rafting, hot air ballooning and sport fishing.

Top Safaris to be part of come 2022
Lake Bunyonyi

Hiking safaris is another fantastic journey to experience on the major yearned to step on features of mountains like Elgon, Rwenzori and more short hikes on top of the fall side of Murchison falls feeling the natural sounds from the falls. Hiking on the mountain Elgon and Rwenzori gives opportunities to explore waterfalls and caves created by moving lava.

Hiking is categorized as day, overnight, back and fastpacking, solo, hike in class and over forty hiking community. Hiking helps you to lower stress levels, improved mood and enhanced mental wellbeing. It goes further to lower blood pressure, reduced risk for heart and leads to improved control over healthy weight. Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness that promotes physical fitness.

Cultural and historical safaris is very attractive to most tourists that come to socialize under different cultures. Uganda being a heterogenous society with people originating from different tribes and races. Mostly cultural safaris expose tourists to different activities of distinguished for example being part of coronation events of different kingdoms mastering cultural dances and other rituals. Looking at some of the historical features that excite tourists for example Kabaka’s palace that is both cultural and historical site that is famous home to His Majesty the King of Buganda kingdom thus Top Safaris to be part of come 2022.

Many travelers love to take a visit to this place of impressive architecture that reminds you about colonial era and the establishment was on Mengo hill will good eye catch. More so, the royal tombs of the departed kings as well gives a historical view and good story about their preservation. Kasubi tombs is one of those cultural sites you don’t need to miss exploring on your safari. The place is great important site recognized well by Buganda kingdom with fascinating traditional culture.

Uganda museum is not only a traditional or historical attraction but also   of diversity of cultural heritage collections which include hunting, musical instruments and others. Lastly, Namugongo shrine is well known site Christian pilgrimage site in Africa situated about 15kilometers from Kampala City, the shrine became one of the most vital to Ugandans after murder of Uganda Martyrs saint under instructions of Kabaka Mwanga the late.

Finally, there’s community safari that exposes tourists to how communities operate their day to day activities. Let’s take an example of how people of Kigezi subregion wake up early going to dig in mountain terraces being in such area gives a chance to as well participate in community activities like clearing wells where water is sourced. safari creates more sense of total expression of hospitality from locals that builds humanity belongingness. There are a thousand reasons why you need to be part safari ahead of 2022 to experience everlasting memories about different Uganda safaris.

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