Top Tourists Attractions in Kampala; Many keep wondering about the top things tourist attractions to do in Kampala. Well, Uganda is a gifted country with stunning tourist attractions that ranks it to be named the pearl of Africa. Talk about amazing national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Kidepo, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, where tourists can take part in astonishing activities like gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, visiting lake Bunyonyi, whitewater rafting on the source of the Nile in Jinja and visit the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria mentioned but a few. Although most of these landmark activities and attractions are found in the countryside, a tour of Kampala’s Capital is not a priority for most tourists. But this should not be the case when considering all that the city has to offer.

Tour Kampala city

Well, Kampala-Uganda’s capital city is by far the largest urban center in Uganda. First of all, Kampala sits on 7 major hills and more ‘’Old Kampala, Kibuli, Makerere, Rubaga, Mengo, Kololo, and Mulago ‘’ are all part of the city tour attractions were several tourists, and students visiting the places for the study purposes.

Historically, before the area originated into Kampala city it was first colonized by the British colonial government but later turned into a major administrative center, now the area was covered by vast grassland and wetlands which attracted large herds of antelopes, especially the Impala turn into a beautiful city. Today it is renowned as Kampala. More so, the area became known as a hunting ground for the Kabala of Buganda ‘’Mutesa1’’. The colonial administrators named the area Kampala because of the large herds of Impala that were inhabiting the area.

However, as you read through the article as a tourist you will get to know the top things and attractions to do and see within and around the city as it is today. If you want to enjoy more of the beauty of Kampala city is to set aside a whole day in order to experience the best of the offer that Kampala stuns with.

The best way we recommend tourists in order to enjoy things done and tourist attraction is to book a 1 Day Kampala tour package or 4 day Bwindi Gorilla Tours with a visit to Kampala City Tours.

Below are the listed top things to do and see on Kampala city tours, you can hire a car in Kampala to ease your movements around the city, or else you can do it on a walk with an expert guide.

 Old Kampala; Old Kampala is located on the original Kampala hill, where the first administrative blocks were built before the city expanded and most administrative buildings had to be shifted to a central location. Old Kampala stands out because of the stunning old colonial and Indian Thai-style buildings.

Recently the area changed through putting the building of more modern shopping malls but the old building remains.

The Gadaffi Mosque; This mosque is renowned as the national mosque with the capacity to accommodate over 15,000 worshipers. This building was started in those ancient years by Idi Amin Dada in 1972 but it was completed in 2007 with a generous donation from Colonel Muammar Gadaffi of Libya. To make it more famous it was built on one of the top 7 major hills of Kampala and at the adventure where the colonial capital was located.

Climbing to the highest point of this mosque is filled with much excitement for the tourists while offering one of the best views of Kampala city. The administrators of the mosque have been considerate enough on the issue of permitting tourists to visit the mosque and take photos at a small fee of about USD3 only. On a city tour can plan a visit to the Gadaffi Mosque with one of the leading tour companies in Uganda. You can be led around the premises of the building by an in-house tour guide.

Kibuli Mosque; This is also one of the famous mosques in Uganda where the top sheiks reside. Besides that, the mosque is renowned as the center of all Muslim activities in Uganda. The Mosque lies on one of Kampala’s most impressive 7 hills ‘’kibuli’’. If you get to climb up, you can be much excited with great views of the capital city. This land where the mosque originates was donated by prince Badru Kakungulu of Buganda.

Buganda Parliament ‘’Bulange’’; The Buganda parliament boasts sessions every month where many issues pertinent to the Kingdom are discussed and solved. The Kabaka ‘’King’’ of Buganda only attends the opening and closing sessions.

But before, Uganda was colonized, these sessions were held under a large tree surrounded by grass-thatched buildings.  Around the time Uganda was about to gain its independence, the Buganda parliament building received the main highlight with more modern ones during that time. Tour carried out here, provides a gainful see of the history of the Buganda Kingdom, the fifty-six clan, and former kings, Top Things Tourists Attractions in Kampala

Kabaka’s Palaces in Mengo and Lubiri; The Mengo palace building was built on top of one of Kampala’s main hills and close to the Buganda parliament ‘’Bulange’’. The palace has largely been stranded since Kabaka Mutesa 11 was ousted by president Milton Obote and his replacement Idi Amin Dada who turned a section of it into a torture chamber where he killed thousands of people, by getting 100 people to put them in one cell with waterside and electricity thus leading many people’s to death. This happened in 1996. Note, Amin was a very tuff man and kind of ruthless to anyone he saw as a threat to his rule.

Top Tourists Attractions in Kampala
Lubiri Mengo

The Kabaka’s Lake; This is a manmade lake in Africa that measures 200 Ft. deep, found in Ndeeba and was built by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda. The kabaka’s main reason was to dig this area deep and gets to connect the palace to Lake Victoria while also providing an escape route in case of major war by his subjects. The kabaka Mwanga also took part in the digging process to fascinate his subjects. Today, the lake has become the best of Kampala city tour and clan leaders of Buganda consider the lake sacred and occasionally gather to clean it. The place is now a perfect atmosphere for relaxation, boat rides, and bird watching, Top Things Tourists Attractions in Kampala

Kasubi Tombs; This one is mentioned as one of the several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Uganda. It is built with grass thatched and main burial ground for 4 Buganda’s former kings. While at the tomb, tourists can adventure the large hut holding the tombs, hunting tools, and other monuments of these past kings.

Visit Kasubi tombs in Kasubi along Hoima road which was built 11 kilometers away from those at Kasubi. One of the kings who was buried – Kabaka ‘King’’ Suuna. Unfortunately, after his death, he was replaced by a more likable leader Kabala Mutesa 1. Other small tombs to visit include; Nnamasole Kanyange tomb and the wamala tomb. You might also wonder about a visit to the Katereke prison Ditch where one of the Buganda Kings killed thirty of his brothers to keep control of the throne.

 Baha’i Temple;

The Baha’i temple is found on Kikaya hill close to Gayaza road and it is a famous place for gathering worldwide. In Africa, it is named the mother temple of Africa a place of the Baha’i faith. The temple provides stunning views of Kampala city and the surrounding suburbs.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo; The Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo lies close to the Kampala –Jinja highway and is one of the most visited religious sites in Africa. In June 1886 about 32 Christians were built alive to death on the order of Kabaka Mwanga and this was because they refused to denounce Christianity and the Muslim faith. Since then, every 3rd June of the year it’s a commemorative day of gathering at Namugongo to celebrate the life of these people, Top Things Tourists Attractions in Kampala

Namirembe Cathedral; This is one of the impressive tourist attractions on city tours, which was built on the hill thus offering a great view of Kampala city.

Rubaga Cathedral; Rubaga Cathedral is built on one of the major hills in Uganda with a gainful view of the capital. This used to be the main headquarters of the Roman catholic faith in Uganda was located.

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