Top Uganda Safari Destinations for Women’s Day

Top Uganda Safari Destinations for Women’s Day: Women’s day is one of those days that celebrate the uniqueness, strength and power of a woman or women in our communities. This day is celebrated internationally and nationally with several politically organised functions that carry a theme to celebrate a woman. 

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However even though the political arms of the government celebrate this day, women across the world like to celebrate this day with various unique activities at different destinations. 

And since women’s day is around the corner we would like to suggest some of the top destinations in Uganda, you can go to have a spectacular women’s day celebration. 

Last year we were all in quarantine and unable to celebrate the day with other women or our loved ones but this year since quarantine has been lifted we are able to move and visit places or even take road trips to the several destinations across the country; this means we can plan celebrations for women’s day. 

That said here are the Top Uganda Safari Destinations for Women’s Day where you can have women’s day celebrations this year. 

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in south western Uganda is one destination that will give you an adventure and relaxing feel on your visit to the park and this will make a perfect destination for your women’s day celebration. 

Some of the activities you can do to spice up your women’s day in Bwindi National Park will include mountain gorilla trekking, forest nature walks, community tours and several leisure activities at your accommodation. 

Murchison falls National Park 

Murchison Falls National Park famous for the Murchison falls is a perfect getaway for a women’s day celebration, with exquisite scenery, a variety of wildlife and birdlife at this park you will surely have a women’s day getaway of a life time. 

Some of the activities you can do at this park on this women’s day include game drives to enjoy the wild and see the numerous animals in the park, bird watching, take a boat ride on the Nile river and top of the falls experience at the Murchison falls

Queen Elizabeth National Park 

If you want to have a quiet yet somehow adventurous and fun women’s day celebration, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the place to go. This park has a quiet ambience, beautiful scenery endowed with a variety of vegetation and swamps and then an array of wildlife and birdlife.

At this park you will get to enjoy magnificent game drives, great nature walks, bird watching and unforgettable boat rides on the Kazinga channel.

Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park is located in Northern Uganda this park is a wildlife haven, home to hundreds of animal species, a women’s day celebration at this park will be a wildlife wonder for you. You will get to enjoy seeing unique wildlife including cheetahs and also Great Plains with a variety of unique vegetation. 

Activities you can do at this park will include game drives, nature walks and community visits to the Ike community. 

Sipi Falls 

If you’re a lover of water and adventure, Sipi falls is the perfect destination for your women’s day celebrations. These falls located in Eastern give one a slight mount climbing adventure and beautiful sceneries of the falls and the surrounding area. 

A visit to the Sipi falls will allow you to take hike up the sipi falls, then at the top you will experience the top of the falls viewing the scenic surrounding vegetation and ranges of the Elgon mountain, after the falls experience you can also take a walk in the coffee plantations around the falls and appreciate the Ugandan Coffee grown in Eastern Uganda. 

Mabira forest and Jinja 

Mabira forest and Jinja City are perfect destination for a women’s day celebration especially if you want to stay a bit close but yet not so close to Kampala. Located about 2 hours and 3 hours away from Kampala respectively these places give you both adventure and chill time. 

In Mabira forest you can engage in forest nature walks, zip ling, bird watching and picnic ventures while in Jinja city you have opportunities to visit the source of the Nile, go bungee jumping at the Itanda falls, white water rafting on the Nile River and several other water activities on the Nile River. 

These are our top six destinations you can try out this women’s day, but these are not the only destinations in Uganda, they are many more destinations you can visit to celebrate women’s day this season.

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