Toro Semliki wildlife Reserve

The Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve is found near Uganda’s western border. Fort Portal is the nearest town to the reserve. It is approximately 33 kilometers south of the reserve.

Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve occupies majority of the western rift valley landscape right in between Lake Albert and the mighty Ruwenzori Mountains. The two unique features are some of the greatest features that border the wildlife reserve. This wildlife reserve is a gem to the tourism industry in Uganda.

In the southern part of the Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve lies the Rwenzori Mountains, a continental treasure that doubles as the thrid highest mountain range in Africa. Lake Albert – a piece of Africa’s great lakes, occupies the northern part of the reserve.

Lake Albert is a true birder’s paradise. It is one of the few spots in the country where you can find the Shoebill stock. Lake Albert is a great destination for birding tours in Uganda. West of the reserve is the broad Congolese rainforest that contains one of the richest, most extinct species reservoirs in the world and one of the planet’s biggest covers of the un-logged forest.

Due to the fact that it’s just next to the Rwenzori Mountains, it’s possible for tourists on safaris to Uganda to extend their Uganda safari to Tooro – Semliki wildlife reserve and carry out a few activities like birding, wildlife viewing and more depending on the preference on the drafted safari itinerary and requests from Ugandan tourists.

The location of the nature-blessed Tooro Semliki wildlife reserve is right at the junction of so many extinct habitats and tropical rainforest on the shores of Lake Albert. The beautiful escarpment ecotone that lies far-east of the Tooro Semliki wildlife reserve, the Rwenzoris in the south, not forgetting the grassland at the the core of the reserve totals up for an abundant and extinct population and species of birds that are claimed to exceed four-hundred species.

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