Tracking golden Monkeys In Uganda

Small yet very beautiful, Mgahinga National Park lies in the virunga ranges southwestern Uganda and is home to many primates including gorillas and golden monkeys. Golden monkey permits is our talk today and before we explore this, one needs to know that in the whole of Uganda, it’s in Mgahinga that we have habituated golden monkeys that can be visited and that’s why many have referred to Mgahinga as a place where gold meets silver. Where mountain gorillas co-exist with golden monkeys.

Where to book golden monkey permits

Just like gorilla permits, golden monkey permits to trek habituated golden monkey families in Mgahinga National Park are booked through Uganda Wildlife Authority. Unlike gorilla permits where one is requested to book them in advance, golden monkey permits may be booked on ground since there is no minimum numbers required.

tracking golden monkeys  in Uganda

Price of golden monkey permits

A golden monkey permit to trek golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park costs USD50 per person and this entitles you one hour with habituated golden monkeys. This includes park entry fees for Mgahinga National Park, a guide who will be with you as well as one hour with golden monkeys. For those who are interested in spending more time with golden monkeys, then you should book golden monkey experience permits instead. Golden monkey experience permits cost USD 50.00 per person and allows you to spend more time with these primate. For more details about golden monkey experience safaris, do contact Us.

Requirements of booking golden monkey permits

Booking golden monkey permits is not as hectic as booking mountain gorilla permits. All you require is to identify yourself either at the park headquarter, pay the fee required for your permit and that’s it. If you so wish, you can do this in advance by paying at Uganda Wildlife Authority park headquarters. Most Tour operators in Uganda organise safaris to Mgahinga National Park including transport, accommodation as well as permits. Kindly contact us for the best price and experience going to Mgahinga

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