Tree Climbing lions of Ishasha

Tree climbing lions of ishashs : Ishasha, a remote section of the prowling Queen Elizabeth National Park is famous for the tree climbing lions and attractive wilderness not to mention the alluring birds.

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

In the secluded plains of the popular roiling savannas of Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda’s most popular national park and the park with the highest species bio diversity) lays one of natures’ greatness and amazing adaptations. This sector of the park is probably the most remote, located in the Southern part of it – located approximately 90km from Mweya the main gateway through the park.

The isolated sector is barely visited by many of the visitors that come to the park; however it stand as one of the most attractive game tracks in the area, for the varied wildlife including some of the big fives. This attractive compartment of wilderness prides of the mystifying population of tree climbing lions with about 40 lions and still growing.

Despite the fact that it is a common thing that the lion cubs climb trees playfully it is also uncommon for the mature lions and lionesses to climb trees. However in this part of Queen Elizabeth National park things are different. Lions climb trees for safety from the tsetse flies bites and it is an also an advantage for them to prowl on unsuspecting prey since the trees are a perfect camouflage. Although the explanation to this behavior is subject to debate and speculation because limited research has been done on the lion and this unexplained behavior.

On an occasional visit to the park you may encounter the irksome creatures lying lazily in the fig trees mostly sleeping off the afternoon heat and normally descend the trees before dusk. Although you may encounter these peculiar behaving creatures all year round others argue that it is more common during the rainy seasons.

However the kings of the jungle do not reign in this land alone lest they need subjects to serve them. A number of Antelopes, buffaloes, some elephants dotted this seemingly isolated savannah land and it doesn’t go without mentioning the sweet melodious birds that share the trees with the king for his amusement.

So the next time you are in Queen Elizabeth National park on your trip to Uganda, and you find yourself chased by a lion always remember a tree is no escape route or hiding place instead it is dinner served on a silver platter for the lions of the ishasha plains.

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