Uganda Airlines Fly the Crane to The Pearl of Africa

Uganda Airlines is Uganda’s main aircraft company that is owned by the country and is meant to make flights from Uganda easier and cheaper.

Uganda Airlines

For the long-time, Ugandans have waited for the return of the glorious Uganda airlines. On 6th September 2019, at around 9:30 am, the chaste flight of Uganda airlines, UR320, spread up to the skies marking Uganda Airlines first virgin promotional flight to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania’s commercial city. Being the first commercial flight and so much waited by those who had booked the tickets earlier, the flight took off 20minutes earlier.

First flight experience

From the reviews from the people who managed to attend to the maiden flight of the Uganda airline, the flight was graceful and a lot of fun factors took on the journey till the bird landed at the airport in dar-es-salaam. One of the first clients to book for the flight, Martha Mbena and his son, showed a lot of excitement about everything on board, such as the good services, flight snacks, and meals such as the Uganda famous Rolex and the chicken sandwich. 

From the explanation of the passengers, the cabin crew was so kind and comforting most especially when the plane got some turbulence towards dar-es-salaam. Otherwise, the flight was so gracefully journeyed with Captain Charles Karabarinde in the cockpit. The flight took like 1 and 30 minutes to reach the destination in Tanzania, and it landed safely on the Julius Nyerere international airport in Dar–es- salaam, and received a welcome from the Ugandan Ambassador in Tanzania, Mr. Kabonero Richard, together with other Ugandan residents in Tanzania.

The Uganda Airlines craft, bombardier CRJ900, was made with a full capacity of 76 passengers, where 12 passengers are for the business class, and 64 seats for the economy class, thus making up the whole capacity of 76 passengers. The Uganda Airlines aircraft is meant to carry not exceeding the limited capacity.

Take note of your flight schedules

Uganda Airlines operate flights to Nairobi twice daily, it flies to Juba in southern Sudan daily, then Mogadishu flights are scheduled 4 times weekly, plus a daily flight to dar – es – salaam, except Wednesdays. For information about the flight schedule of Uganda airlines, you can visit the website at

Payment security

There is a secure payment plan for the Uganda airline tickets and flights which are presented by highly secured payment platforms thus making life simple, for example, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and other cross border payments. This is aiming at covering a wide range of customer interests for a more customized booking and payment procedure.

There is nothing to worry about because the payment system is highly secured, mainly on the online payment system platforms. Uganda Airlines Company is in partnership with PCI-DSS a level 1 certified online payment gateway partner. The current cutting edge technology being is being used to secure online payments, plus the manual review of all the transactions by a highly trained fraud prevention team.

Booking tickets 

Booking for a flight with Uganda airlines is made so simple, as a number of platforms are available for you to book for your flight at any time of the year. You can choose to book online via the Uganda airline web site at Alternatively, you can make a reservation via the reservation line at If anything is no clear, there is a provision for a call center which works 24hours, you can talk to the customer care unit via the lines; +256200

406400/ +256754355860. However, it would be much better when you book your flight with the tour agent of your interest, because they got much clear information to prevent inconveniences.

Board Uganda Airlines and enjoy your journey to explore Uganda on the amazing Uganda tours.

Uganda Airlines
Uganda Airlines
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