Uganda Airlines welcomes aboard a new aircraft after missing 18 years in air

Uganda Airlines ordered CRJ 900 aircrafts from the aircrafts manufacturing company Bombardier based in Canada. This has caught so much attention from both the nationals and the stakeholders who are excited for this achievement. Uganda airlines was first established in May 1976 and started operations in 1977 at the Entebbe International Airport. Uganda Airlines has been dormant for over 18 years since the last aircraft that was grounded in May 2001 after it ran bankrupt and was poorly managed and all attempts to privatize it failed as all potential investors kept pulling out hence its liquidation.

Uganda Airlines

There were attempts to revamp the airline in 2003, however the air operator’s certificate of Air Uganda that was being privately run from 2007 to 2014 was revoked in 2014 over a few concerns that have been cleared now after several discussions. The first in the late 90’s was the Boeing 707-320 C and other 2 aircrafts came after operating scheduled flights to several destinations in Africa, Europe and Middle East. This airline had several codeshare agreements before its collapse with Air Tanzania, Emirates and Kenya Airways.

The president Yoweri Museveni and a few others were ready to welcome the two new Uganda Airlines aircrafts as soon as they touched ground at the Entebbe International Airport from Canada on 23rd April, 2019. It has a seating capacity of 76 pax however it does not have classes on board so do not expect to have a different seating. These beautiful aircrafts have the flag of Uganda on the wings with the branding of “Uganda Airlines”, “Fly the Crane to the Pearl of Africa” on the sides. This is the national carrier of Uganda.

4 CRJ 900 crafts and an airbus were ordered by Uganda but so far only 2 have been received as we wait for the other 2 that are set to come later in the year and the Airbus is set to arrive in 2020. Ugandans are excited for the positive impact that the airline revamp will bring to Uganda as a country especially positive economic impact. The 2 aircrafts will operate regional fights for now before extending their routes to other African countries and eventually will be flying bigger airspaces hopefully. The commercial flights are expected to start in July. The president further stated that the new airline will have direct flights to and from major tourism points to boost Uganda Safaris. The long haul flights are to be launched in December 2020 and January 2021 with direct flights from London, Amsterdam and Guangzhou which will make it more convenient for tourists as they won’t have to have stopovers in Dubai, Kigali, Nairobi and the rest.

Uganda Airlines
Uganda Airlines

For Uganda, there is a bright future if this airline is sustainable and properly managed as the revenue an airline generates can help a developing country. Let’s develop Uganda. Let’s fly the Crane to The Pearl of Africa!

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