Uganda People and Culture

Uganda: People and Culture : It is no doubt that Uganda is abundantly blessed with a great deal of diverse wildlife, birds of all types, tranquil weather and as if that is not enough, the pearl of Africa – Uganda, is a stewpot of diverse untapped culture and heritage. The country has more than 360 tribes; it is definitely a place to die for if you are looking for a diverse cultural experience. From the diverse cultural mosaic of music, art, and hand crafts to the culture and norms, to the rituals, and regalia the diversity in Uganda’s culture is unmatched. There are 3 completely unique linguistic groups namely the nilotics, Bantu and the people from central Sudan. A visit to each of these will introduce you to a completely different set of practices and beliefs.

The Bantu, specifically the Baganda, inhabit the central region and their history is more synonymous with that of Uganda. The other Bantu tribes include Banyankore, Batooro, Bakiga, Banyoro – all in the west and Basoga in Eastern Uganda.  The Northern corridor and the Eastern section of the country are predominantly inhabited by the nilotics that include Itesots, Acholis, langis and Alur among others. These tribes mainly lived a nomadic life but later adapted to faming to supplement their livelihood.

The central Sudanese people, most of who live in the north western part of the country include the lugbaras and madis, among others and have a common language and very similar cultural practices. Despite the multiple dialects, there are two languages which are widely spoken across the country; that is, English which is the official language and Swahili, however not everyone is fluent in each of the languages but you will find that almost everyone has a little understanding of the English language.

Culture everywhere is described by dance and drama as the most components of cultural ceremonies along with songs and this is exactly what you can expect to witness on your cultural trip in Uganda. There are other ceremonies and passage rites like birth rites, marriage, and initiation which are held with high regard in the different cultures and may be different in many ways.

There are several other historical, Archaeological and religious sites that offer a remarkable experience and a deep understanding of the country. Achieve Global Safaris team possesses great knowledge of the cultural sites in Uganda and will tailor you a great cultural tour in Uganda if you just contact us!

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