Uganda Reptile Village

Uganda Reptile Village located in Entebbe-Uganda’s main entry town, is the best recommendable sites where tourists on Uganda safaris can pleasantly enjoy the views of various African Reptiles that are protected in the part of Uganda. Uganda Reptile Village whose main aim is to sensitize and educate the local community to protect and conserve different reptile species as well as other important environmental resources like forests as well as swamps and water bodies are playing great role of saving the unique natural resources which are under great threat from human behaviors.

Taking a tour to reptile village in Entebbe will offer you golden opportunity to come close to total of over 50 reptiles with twenty reptile spices which are on direct display in the site. The unique reptile’s species which are on display include the boomslangs, skinks, chameleons, cobras, monitor lizards and tortoises. Your tour to the Reptile village will offer you that unique chance to touch and spend time with Africa’s most poisonous snake – Gaboon Viper.

Sparing time to take a reptile’s village walk will allow you to explore the two famous basins in the site. The first place you will explore is an open basin which is home to the non-climbing species and the other basin is habitat for four distinctive species of tortoises.

The interesting part of the site is that it caters even for travelers on Uganda safaris and tours with their young children. They will enjoy the thrilling experience of watching these slow but fun animals when they are feeding on their vegetables. As you are walking down slowly under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will reach the current place were the color changing chameleons are protected.

At the extreme edges of the site’s compound, one can enjoy the sights of the swampy areas which are habitat to different reptiles, birds as well as monkeys.

In the swamp area, tourists on safari in Uganda’s Reptile Village will enjoy adventurous activities like sport fishing as well as canoe cruising in the man-made river stream which is three kilometers. In addition, one can also undertake wet land walk to explore the areas around the Reptile Village and along the way tourists enjoy sights of various bird species as well as wildlife.

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